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A tease finally makes good on her promises while on a plane.

Tim, Gray, Sarah and Ben had thought that Elizabeth was there under Fiorelle's instruction or worse the egoistic alpha.

How could any of them expect that Elizabeth had been demoted by the bossy bitch? How could they understand the grave look on Elizabeth's face as she ascended down the marble staircase down to the common living room with suitcases? They had thought that she was there to throw some low ranks out.

Tim and Gray were already furious with the alpha for giving them such a hard-time, telling them to patrol up to the borderline of the human territory. Two human spotted them and nearly shot at them as they leaped up the boulders to escape. The human thought that they were stray dogs.

They wanted to rip the alpha's throat out but ancient bond held them down, forcing them to submit and show their bellies to the undeserved leader.

They long for a peaceful life; they wanted to be treated with respect just like how Jerry's father had been to them. Oh, the old times of happiness.

Tim was the first one to phase and slash as Elizabeth's bare arms that held up to protect her body, her suitcases dropped to her sides. Gray followed and tackled her down, snapping his sharp teeth on her. She would have been injured badly if it weren't for Adrian to interfere.

Alexander blamed himself for not being there to protect her when she was forced to go down to the South Quarters. He was held to run patrol around the woods. He was extremely grateful for Adrian that instant trust and bond formed between the two wolves, Adrian was indeed a very young wolf, just like Haylie but still the bond formed between the two wolves was like a father and a son.

Alexander had never sired a son so he really liked the thought of adopting one, even a low rank like the kind Adrian Thorn.

Although all of the low ranks were aware on the real situation, Alexander didn't want to take any risks; he would ask Adrian to keep watch over his mate and Haylie's mom whenever they couldn't protect them, like now, when they were forced to go patrol.

"Oh, well," she started to give in, "If you want to help me so much then, help me clean the windows," she gave him another bucket and a sponge, "I'll do the first floor and you do the second one,"


Fiorelle felt lonely. Her heart ached so much. She was fully aware that Jerry knew how she felt and she realized that he didn't care but that didn't mean it doesn't stung her. She wrapped her cold arms to herself as she walked through the long corridors. Her Betas bowed to her in respect -- oh well, rather, FORCED respect since they shot hateful looks behind her. The same goes with the low ranks as well.

She peered to the big grand window to her left and saw Jerry walking with his two-in-commands towards the forest. She sighed; just then a droplet of water fell to her cheek. She blinked in confusion; her fingers quickly dried the droplet away as she looked up and saw a boy perhaps like her age, scrambled down the metal stairs he had leaned to the wall.

"Forgive me, Alpha Female," he spluttered, fearing her wrath.

It was indeed his lucky day since she didn't have the mood to be bitchy, otherwise, she would have ripped his throat out just like what she had done to that stupid low rank female. "Never mind boy," she said weakly as she started to walk past him.

He frowned to himself. Odd, he thought. "Wait, my Alpha Female," he called, turning to her.

She looked at him. "Yes?"

"Why didn't you punish me?" he wondered.

She snarled. "Do you want to be punished, mutt?"

He took a step back. "N-no, Alpha Fe-,"

She cut his words, she felt sick with all of this formality -- this false respect, "Fiorelle," she said, "Don't call me Alpha Female anymore," she groused, "My name is Fiorelle,"

He had t

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