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I simply said "OK," and when we got to Linda's house I walked with mom over to our side of the house.

"Just so you know," I started, trying to make her feel better, "You looked really ravishing tonight."

"Ravishing, huh?" she replied with a smile, "I'm your mother!"

"I meant simply, stunning. Beautiful. Is ravishing bad?"

"It's something you tend to say to a lover. But thank you, son. I love you. I'm going to call your father. I need to vent."

I said goodnight, and went to my room and turned the TV on.

A few minutes later, I could hear her crying. She wasn't on the phone anymore, and all I could hear were her sobs through the wall. I went and knocked on her door before letting myself in.

She was sitting at the end of the bed crying.

"He doesn't listen, he doesn't care, he makes it obvious. I can't believe how absent he is, just when I think he can't be any more he goes and surprises me."

I leaned up on the footboard and rubbed her back and listened. As she began to vent, she reached over and grabbed my free hand. She talked about everything she had refrained from discussing on the way home and then some. How her boss was setting her up to get fired by putting impossible sales quotas in place, how my dad just thought she should be a mom and wife and treated her career like it was a joke or convenient escape for her, etc.

She leaned her head on my shoulder as I rubbed her back and shoulders, and unloaded her sorrows on me. I would occasionally stop and give her a hug. She kept talking, and I kept listening. I gave her as much feedback as an 18 year old with no real world experience could, and she had finally quit crying. As she calmed down and we talked, I couldn't help but be distracted by how gorgeous she really looked that night. She was leaning on me, and so her heels stuck out from her ankle-length dress and I could see she was wearing stockings. Her arms and back were soft and smooth under my fingers as I hugged her or rubbed her shoulders and back. I snapped back to reality, angry at myself for letting my brain be out-thought by my dick.

"You hit a knot in my back, would you mind rubbing it a little harder?" she asked. All too quickly I jumped at it, and before I could stop myself I was kneading her smooth back with my thumbs trying to find the knot. She directed me to it, and after a few minutes of massage said "That feels really good, son."

The discussion turned from the weekend's specific issues to her marriage, and how disinterested my dad had been in her and how she couldn't even get his attention. I wanted to scream, I was 18 and fighting to hide a raging hard on from touching my mother.

At some point, there was nothing left to say. I stopped rubbing her back and said all I could say. "I'm sorry, mamma."

"It's ok. Thank you for listening. I love you." She leaned in and cuddled her head under my chin. I put my arm around her and couldn't help but feel- really feel- her smooth, soft arm under my fingers.

"Dad is an idiot," I blurted out, "for ignoring someone as caring and pretty as you are."

"You really think so, baby?" she asked back. My heart was racing. I told mom she was pretty, but I had never done it with an erection.

"Well yeah," I started, "If I was married to you you'd be my world. You're smart, gorgeous, caring..."

I realized that my dick had infiltrated my brain and I wasn't really in full control of my thoughts. My hand was in the small of her back now, and her right hand grasped mine.

I looked down at her face, which looked up to mine and pulled her closer to me. I went to kiss her head goodnight, but I missed. I still don't know how or why it happened, but our lips connected. I felt a tingling fire that I hadn't ever felt before, and we kissed for a few moments before she and I pulled away at almost the same moment. She looked like she was about to talk, but I jumped in,

"Mom, I am serious. I can't get my mind off you tonight, and..."

"Baby, that was wrong," she said, cutting me off.

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