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Guy argues about sex with girl. She proves point with dildo.


I was stunned. Of course she had told me that she wasn't happy but this was the first time she said that she actually wished our marriage would end. And she didn't say it to me, but to another man. I felt the need to react to this. The feeling built up in me until I had to say something. Unfortunately, the only thing to say was "I give up". I had tried to make things better and it obviously was not enough, so I texted her.

{I'm sorry to keep sending you negative texts at work, but I can't really think clearly unless I'm alone and that only happens while you're at work. Then I have to say something while the thoughts are still clear in my head.}

{Thank you,} she replied.

{If you want to leave me, you can.}

{Why are you giving up on me?} she asked.

{I don't want to give up, but I'm tired of beating my head against a wall trying to hold on to something that apparently no longer exists.}

{I thought things were getting better?}

The fact that she was fighting me on this gave me hope, so I changed tactics. {If you want to keep working on things, we can, but we need to come up with a definite plan.}

{No, I think you're right: we need space. I think we need to separate.}

A complete 180. I was floored. {Why are you suddenly changing your mind?}, I asked.

{I just need time to figure out what I want.}

{Okay, how are we doing this?}

{I don't know, but the kids don't need to know anything about this yet. There's no need to upset them too soon.}

{So what's your plan?}

{I don't know.}

Her indecisiveness was upsetting me. This, and the fact that she had gone from fighting FOR us to fighting AGAINST us in the blink of an eye made me suspicious that there was something specific she wanted to do. Or someone. And to be honest, that idea actually excited me somewhat, so I took the lead.

{Okay,} I said. {From this point on, we are separated. We both have the right to do whatever or whoever we want. Since the kids can't know, that means we have to continue living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed but we are basically just friends. If you want to be friends with benefits, that will be up to you.}

Now you need to understand that the whole "Naughty Wife" scenario - married women fucking men other than their husbands - has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I had always wanted my wife to do this, with my consent only, but never mentioned it to her for fear she would think of me as some kind of horrid pervert, but her sudden change of heart during our conversation made me think that one of the main deciding factors in this separation, for her, may be that she wanted to fuck Ben and I saw this as an opportunity to allow her to have some freedom and fun while I lived out my fantasy. What I'm saying is that when I said "We have the right to do whoever we want", part of me was hoping that she would take the opportunity to sow some wild oats. The obvious downside, of course, is that I had no idea whether or not this separation would eventually become permanent. Not that I had any choice however, as she was pushing for the separation. She needed time to find out what she wanted.

Well, she agreed to the arrangement and went back to work. I went to sleep scared and slightly excited about what may soon happen.

From the beginning, it was apparent that this was not going to be a typical separation.

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