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The heart wants what it wants.

The morning sun was hot, but the good news was that the humidity had dropped to a pleasant 35% according to the digital display at the registration desk. Already, the temperature in the shade was passing 30oC.

We took breakfast and headed for the beach. Finding a secluded spot was impossible. We managed to have a paddle in the Caribbean Sea and after a short walk along the beach, decided to head back to the hotel's lagoon.

Since our day at the beach with Sarah and Jeff, we hadn't really pushed our fantasies that hard, although, we still had a little fun with them. I guess we both realised that things could have gone so wrong. In a quiet way, without saying anything to each other, we had let the thought of having actual sex with others fade from our expectations. We still talked dirty to one another - Alice describing Jeff's monster cock and me having Sarah gyrate on my pole. I digress.

At the lagoon, we found a couple of sun beds, and laid out our towels to stake a claim on them. We ordered a couple of cocktails at the bar relaxed in the partial shade of the palm trees at the pool edge.

The hotel, although busy, had very few children. We put that down to us holidaying out of season and we liked the idea of not having too many screaming kids running about the place, disturbing the peace and tranquillity. We laid out on the sun beds for about an hour, dosing, sipping cocktails, reading magazines. I was in my usual Bermuda shorts and Alice was wearing her new black string bikini that covered very little. Boy did she look lovely, her soft skin glistening with oil, her firm breasts rising and falling as she breathed slowly, here tanned long legs crossed at the ankles. She was deeply engrossed in her magazine when I flicked a few drops of cold cocktail at her. She jumped in surprise, nearly spilling her drink on her lap, her magazine falling, losing her page.

"You sod!" she cursed, "I'll get you for that." She chased me round the pool. I dove into the water to escape her and she dove in after me. We playfully fought for a few minutes before we stopped and began kissing; deep passionate kisses.

"You guys look like you're having a good time," Steve said as he swam past us headed for the sunken bar. I winked at him, not letting my lips separate from Alice's.

My cock stiffened, "Fancy we go back to the room for a while?" I teased.

"Hmm, maybe," Alice teased back. "But then again, maybe we should keep it for later."

We agreed and then agreed again to swim to the bar far another drink. The holiday was fully inclusive, so we didn't need to carry money around with us, and that made the holiday so much more relaxing.

"So, what are you guys up to tonight?" Asked Steve who had just been served with a couple of fresh beers.

"Dunno, perhaps we'll take a look around the town, see what's on offer for nightlife and evening entertainment," I answered.

"There's a great bar just a couple of hundred yards down the road. We're going to night if you want to join us," Steve offered.

"Well, perhaps," Alice answered for us both. "We were thinking of just finding our way around, then grabbing another early night... jet lag."

"Yeah, I understand. But if you change your minds, we'll be in the hotel lounge bar until around 7pm," Steve informed us as he waded through the water with his beers.

Bad end to a good day

"Isn't this the bar Steve was telling us about?" I asked Alice as we strolled down the street. Her thin white cotton sundress swayed in the light sea breeze. We hadn't dressed up for a night on the town, but as we walked down the main drag, we felt ourselves coming round and both of us decided that perhaps we'd just take a look inside the bar.

It was approaching 10pm already, and Alice was onto her third tequila sunrise; I stuck to local beers. We were just about to leave the bar when Steve and Martin walked in and spotted us immediately.

"Hey guys," Martin slurred as he put his arm around me like he had known me for years.


"We didn't expect to bump into you here," Steve said as he

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