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He forces her to accept pleasure from him.

Less than a year later she was pregnant again, this time with our daughter, Brielle. It was decided that it best that Sandra quit her job and become a full time mom. Sandra was always a very active woman so this was a bit of a change. She soon adjusted. Sandra soon gave birth to our daughter. This time she did not lose the weight so easy. Neither one of us seemed to mind. Sandra did not get out as much since she quit working and I was too busy with the job to really notice or care. I was working long hours and Sandra was busy with two young children. It was soon decided we needed a real house for our growing family and Sandra found a nice place with a fenced in yard with the help of a friend of hers in the real estate business. We moved our new family in with little fanfare. Neither one of us seemed to even think about christening the place this time. I was back to work the next day and she was back to baby formula and Sesame Street.

When the kids got a little older and started school, it was decided that Sandra would take a part time clerical position at the local hospital to keep her busy during the day. By now I was middle management and would often travel. When I returned home it was nice to see Sandra but I was always so exhausted from traveling and climbing the corporate ladder and she was so exhausted from work and caring for two kids that when we kissed at night we were soon in a deep sleep. I couldn't tell you the last time we made love. Neither of us seemed to care.

By the time the kids were in high school I was a successful manager at my job. Just in my early 40's, I now had a corner office and my own secretary. Barbara was a sweet young girl whom I had picked from the secretary pool. She had long dark hair and a perfect figure that reminded me so much of Sandra in the early days of our relationship. I could not help but notice her as she bent over the copier and the open file cabinet drawer. Her blouse crept up revealing the small of her back and her butt was perfect, just the way Sandra's was nearly twenty years earlier. Her perfect round breasts and perky nipples strained her tight blouse, just like Sandra years earlier. I often started to drift into erotic daydreams about Barbara, but I would stop myself. I reminded myself I was a married man. I was always faithful to Sandra. My wife and family would always come first. I worked long hours to give my family the best and nothing would ever come in the way of that. But, I had to admit, Barbara sure looked good.

A few years later something seemed to change in Sandra. As she got into her late 40's she started going through her changes. She started getting hot flashes and had odd feelings. Mysteriously, to me at least, she seemed to regain her interest in sex. In a fairly big way. Her doctor told her this is normal for some women. I was not ready for it.

The kids by now had just started college. I was still working quite a bit but not as late as I once was. We no longer needed a sitter when we wanted to go out. Sandra wanted to enjoy this newfound time and I agreed. We started going out more than we had since we were single. We went out to dinner at least twice a week and the movies every weekend. I had no problem with this. What I was not ready for was Sandra's renewed sex drive.

One night we came home from the movies and settled in front of the TV. Sandra started playing with my hair and giving me kisses. It felt real good. We held hands and each other, making out like we have not done in years. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom playfully. We started to undress each other with a zeal not encountered since our dating days. Then reality set in. I had not really looked at my wife naked in some time. I mean really looked. She had changed over the years and not for the better. Those once perky breasts now sagged. Those tight thighs were now wrinkled. I was no longer turned on by the sight of my wife naked and I was horrified by the thought.

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