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Jay enters Room 1 M/f.

A voice talked to me from the midst. "The door your have opened is a door to the nether world, and this house is at ground zero. We are the ones that slammed the door shut when you were here with Pam, and we possessed her. Any woman that is brought into this room, we will possess, and will provide sexual energy." When the voice stopped talking, immediately the room cleared. There were no shapes, and there was no mist. The room was as clear as before.

The two mysteries were solved, but what did they mean?

The next day was Sunday, and Pam and I decided to go for a drive in the country. Along a slightly deserted highway, we saw a sign for a small house to rent. I decided to look at it, to use as a weekend retreat. The house was situated deep in the forest, down a long dirt road. There it stood in the clearing. It was a lovely rancher, and there was a detached garage. On the inside, it was just as beautiful. We decided to rent it for the following weekend. It was also time for me to choose another victim to have sex with. I would do this at the rented house.

The woman I had in mind would be a woman I wanted to date in college, but she was unapproachable. I had asked her out once, but she laughed and said no. The 'no' I could handle, it was her arrogant laugh that got to me. Her name was JoAnne. She was not too attractive, but had a very sexy body. But, it was her an arrogant attitude I had a problem with. She was a virgin, and always said she would stay that way until the day she got married. There was even no touching allowed without an engagement ring.

She even considered herself as a princess. Things were about to change for this stuck up bitch. I thought about this as Pam and I drove back to my house. When we got back, I told Pam all about it, and she said "Have fun."

I did some investigating, and found out where JoAnne lived. It was about an hour away. She was still single, and still a virgin. After college, she hadn't dated at all.

I made the elixir, drank it, and stepped through the looking glass. I called out to her "JoAnne!" JoAnne replied "Here I am" and walked up to me. I asked her "Do you remember who I am?" JoAnne replied "Yes, I do."

I informed her "You are going to be my sex toy for a weekend. I will be taking your virginity. You will also be having lesbian sex." JoAnne replied "All that you have said and will say, I will comply."

With that done, I picked up the phone and gave her a call. I explained to JoAnne all the details about where and when. I gave her the directions to the forest house, and for her to come directly after work on Friday.

JoAnne stated, "Bob I will be ovulating that weekend." I replied back to her "JoAnne, that is no concern of mine. It makes no difference to me whether you become pregnant or not."

JoAnne replied, "I am totally yours to do with as you please.

I arrived at the house early on Friday to get it setup for the virgin sacrifice. I set up the bonfire area, and took precautions so that it would not spread. I placed a mattress in the garage. I placed 2 white robes in the garage, and a black robe in the house. There was a picnic table on the patio, and I picked it up, carried it, and placed it near the bonfire setup. The picnic table was going to be the sacrificial alter.

It was early afternoon, so I decided to take a short nap. I slept for an hour. I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a walk in the forest. The time was now 5:30. Pam arrived. I gave her the final details of what was going to happen. At 6:00, JoAnne arrived. I greeted her, and gave her a light kiss on each cheek. JoAnne had no expression on her face.

I instructed JoAnne, "Go in the house and cook supper for three, and when we are done eating, you will clean the dishes." JoAnne immediately did as she was instructed. The was no talking while we ate, and JoAnne immediately washed to dishes.

When that was done, I instructed JoAnne to join Pam in the garage, and to do everything she was instructed.

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