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Husband openly exposes his wife as prelude to lovemaking.

"You know what to do."

I did indeed understand what he wanted me to do. How to do that however, I was unsure of.

I wrapped my fingers around his length, just under the tip and peeled back. I revealed the head, and saw a few drops of precum. I heard him let out a deep breath when I did that, and I hoped for a second that perhaps this would do.

I swallowed, licked my lips to wet them and opened my mouth. His hands lingered on the back of my head, but he wasn't forcing my movement when I felt the head of his cock come between my lips. I closed my lips around the head, and swirled my tongue around it. I sucked in my cheeks and trailed my tongue along the underside of his head. I had no idea what worked and didn't work, I just did what I thought would make him finish quickly. The sounds he was making told me that I was doing something right.

I felt his fingers tighting around my hair, and his hand trying to push my mouth further along his cock. I obeyed, taking in a little bit more of him. I got a little bit scared, because he was big. I had nothing to compare him to, but a few times when he pushed his cock into my mouth I felt him poke at my throat, and he still had a lot of length for me to swallow.

This went on for god knows how long. I felt him throb a few times, and I thought he would cum, but all that seeped out was some precum. Though, the pace at which he guided my head up and down his long shaft got faster, and his moans became louder. He laid another hand on my head, and then forced my head down.

My eyes bulged as the head of his cock suddenly intruded into my throat, and past that. Strangely enough, though, the need to cough or throw up didn't come. Rather, I remained still, my nose in his pubic hair.

"Oh, you don't have a gag reflex?"

He groaned out through ragged breaths as he pulled out.

"Fucking perfect."

He said, mostly to himself, as he held my head still like a vice, and then started fucking my mouth like it was his whole.

The blowjob hadn't been so bad. The smell had been intense, and the flavor odd, but it hadn't hurt or felt physically uncomfortable. But, as my airflow kept getting interupted, and his size almost started to hurt my throat, I felt a few beads of tears forming in my eyes.

Then, he once again shoved it down as far as he could into my throat, and let out a long, drawn-out sigh as I felt his seed erupting from his cock. I didn't actually taste it, because he had let it out as deep in my throat as he could get it. Though, he did hold his cock there for a long time, until I could feel my lungs getting empty. I smacked his hip once or twice, and he let go.

His now somewhat limp cock slid out of my mouth, and I drew in several sharp breaths.

"Damn, you felt so fucking good. Have you done that to anybody else?"

I didn't answer, because I was still catching my breath. Then, he grabbed my throat and forced me to look at him, cutting of my breath once more.

"Have you had any other guys cock in your filthy mouth or not?"

I shook my head quickly and desperately. His stone-like, completely serious face turned into a smile.

"Good. Now then, let's wash ourselves off."

He said, as if nothing odd had happened. He pulled me to my feet and turned away to get the soap. We washed ourselves in complete silence, all the while I gave him nervous looks. He met them a few times and smiled. I swallowed when I saw that his manhood was slowly becoming hard again. Soon enough, his hands were all over me again. He rubbed my butt from behind and ran a hand up and down my waist. I just bit my lip and let him have his way with me.

He then put his hands on my hips and pulled me close, squeezing his cock between my butt-cheeks.

"Come on, you're already cum. Let's just finish."

"But you just feel so good, I could never be satisfied with just your mouth."

His hands traveled across my belly, towards my breasts as his cock ground against my ass.

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