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She dared him by telling him she was leaving her window open.

"Tell us about the wolf Robert," one lady yelled while pushing a mike in his face. Robert only smiled. They pushed through the reporters and he saw Amy Stockard standing back among the other students from his school. He focused his hearing as she turned and whispered to her girlfriend. "Why is everyone making such a fuss over a nerd?"

He sank down in the wheelchair as Ted and the other Explorer Scouts walked over to greet him. "Hi Robert," Ted said knowing others were watching. "I'm speaking for all the scouts when I say we are glad you are back with us."

Everyone clapped and Robert waved before getting into his parents car. As they drove away Robert asked, "What did they do with the wolf?"

"Who knows?" His father snapped back. 'Why?"

"I guess I felt closer to the wolf than I did the other scouts," Robert said looking out the window. "Would you find out for me?"

"Sure," Robert Sr. answered. "You should be on your feet before you start your senior year."

Robert smiled because Anna had helped him get on his feet the day before. He didn't want the others to know because he didn't want anyone to know about his new abilities. But his parents knew when they pulled into his garage and he opened the door and walked into the house.


"I'm OK mom!" He yelled back at her. He walked straight to the refrigerator and pulled out a big steak. When his mother walked in he handed it to her. "Would you cook this for me?"

"Yes but......but you're a vegetarian," she answered.

"I guess I've changed," he grinned.


His parents watched in amazement as he devoured the steak, ate half a loaf of bread and drank a whole quart of milk. "Got any desert?" he asked wiping the milk stash off his upper lip.

Robert's mom had to visit the store daily to keep up with his appetite. By the end of the week he had gained ten pounds most of it muscle.

"I'm going out to run," he said to his mother and father after eating a big breakfast. "Be back in a while."

"We better call the doctor," his father said. "Something is wrong."

"He's as happy as I've ever seen him," Marge Jacobs grinned.


Robert ran down the street waving at his neighbors who were just as shocked as his parents have been. Feeling the warm breeze on his face made him run faster and faster. He used his sharp senses of sight and hearing to time running through the intersections avoiding cars. As he neared the high school he could smell females. He could also hear and smell male football players.


Amy was sitting down on the grass by the grandstand watching Ted tossing the football back and forth. As head cheerleader she knew that everyone was excited that she was also dating the star quarterback. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a figure running around the outside of the fence that surrounded the field. She sat up not recognizing him and noticed his sandy hair blowing back as he picked up speed. "Who is that?" She asked her best friend Megan who was sitting next to her.

"I don't know but I get him first," Megan grinned.

The football coaches also noticed Robert as he sped up a small slope and dashed over the mound. "I wonder if he can catch a football?" Coach Joe Milnar asked his offensive coach Jake Dillion.

"I don't know but I know we could use the speed. Let's hope that he comes back this way again."

"He's gone," Megan groaned.

"Too bad," Amy frowned.

"Hey, you have Ted. That one is mine."

"Yeah, Ted. I hate coming between him and his mirror." that him again?" Megan asked seeing him come from the same place. "Did he just run around the whole stadium?"

Amy stood up and covered her eyes from the sun to see if she recognized him. "Oh my God."

"What..who is it?"

"Oh my God."


"I think it's Robert Jacobs."


The smell from the females slowed him down and caused him to focus on the pack of girls across the field.

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