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Tit for Tat - The Sisterhood of the Knife.

She smiled brightly at the soft breeze that blew through her golden locks as she looked around, her brow furrowing heavily as she narrowed her eyes, her bright expression quickly turning sour.

A few paces away, sitting on a large log that had once been a tree before falling down and being stripped of its branches and bark by exposure to the elements, were Koal and Celestia. They were practically sitting shoulder to shoulder, whispering softly to one another. Their backs were turned to the shelter and Moira, as they kept watch over the slight incline leading to up through the trees to their hidden camp. As if the proximity weren't enough, Koal's hand rested on the log between them with Celestia's hand atop it, their fingers gently laced together.

The smooth, creamy white of Moira's face flushed a dark, angry red color. Quickly followed by her long, pointy ears as a luminous swirl of energy erupted from her palm and quickly took the shape of a small ball of fire. Moira lurched forward suddenly as if to throw it at the unsuspecting pair when a firm hand grasped her by the wrist, momentarily snatching her from the red haze of anger and jealously and back to her senses.

"What?!" She snarled, turning to face Victoria who had caught her by the wrist.

Holding up a large, double-bladed throwing dagger, Victoria grinned evilly. "A knife would be a much quieter kill." She explained.

The two elves grinned at one another and turned back towards the opening in the branches, slowly creeping upwards before they were both seized by the ankle and jerked back inside.

"Can't the man just have something for himself?" Castor asked, still taking small bites from the bread in his left hand as he stared down at the two scowling, but still very beautiful women.

"What do you mean?" Moira asked through gritted teeth.

"Yeah what SHE said!" Victoria interjected, holding her knife as if poised to throw it at their teammate.

"Look, we are a team. We eat together, we sleep together, we laugh and grieve together. We fight, we fuck, we're like a family, but well, you know, we have sex." Castor moved the fingers of his free hand up and scratched the back of his head, as if lost in thought as he tried to find the words to express himself.

"I don't doubt that he cares for the both of you. But look at him out there, it's peaceful, he's relaxing and having a nice conversation, what can it hurt?"

"He's my best friend!" Moira protested.

"Yeah what SHE said!" Victoria added again.

"So what, maybe she is new, and different to him?" Castor began.

"And SHINY." Interrupted Victoria.

"So what? What's the worst that could happen? She's new and different, and he gets bored after a few days. No harm, it's healthy exploration. But what if they grow fond of one another and it's not just some quick fling? What would that really hurt?" Castor asked, folding his arms as he gazed down at the pair.

"It could hurt A LOT. In fact I think it might be outright bad for the little Priestess' health." Victoria declared, brandishing her dagger.

"Agreed." Moira nodded, scowling bitterly.

"Doesn't he deserve this?" Castor asked, his usually jovial, beaming expression now somber and intense.

The two women shuffled slightly, turning their gazes away as if ashamed before Victoria spoke up. "That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" She declared.

"You're lucky you are pretty Castor, because that was just lame." Moira narrowed her eyes and then sighed, flicking her wrist, the fireball fizzling into nothing.

Castor sighed and shook his head slowly as he looked back and forth between the two. "Leave him alone, or I'll cut you off." He grinned.

"What?!" They both protested in unison.

"If we can't have sex with Koal and we can't have sex with you, what are we supposed to do?!" Victoria asked. Slowly the two women looked from Castor to one another, giving each other a slow, appraising glance before both quickly turned away.


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