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A growing dialogue leads two acquaintances to the Big Easy.

Checking my watch I saw it was still early and headed that way.

She smiled and acknowledged me as the fire built in her eyes. I asked "What is your name?"

"Wilda Lark."

I said "Well Mrs. Lark. I'm very horny. I would like you to suck my cock and let me cum in your mouth. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes. I'd liked to suck you off."

I said "So you like to suck cock do you?"

"Yes. I love it."

I asked "Have you sucked lots of guys off." Almost shyly she said "A few."

I stepped to the opening in the counter. It was near the back wall far from the door and front window. I stood there and watched this old lady drop to her knees while reaching for the zipper on my jeans. It did not take long. I was very excited and she was very good at sucking cock. I was sure this was far from her first blow job and I was so excited I almost exploded as soon as she took my cock in her mouth. I had jerked off many times and had cum many times but this was so great I damn near collapsed. I knees got weak, I felt the cum shot out like a fire hose. It seemed I could not stop. But dear old Wilda sucked, swallowed and never missed a drop. She was truly an expert cocksucker. She licked me clean and stood I zipped up thanked her and left.

I was still weak as I headed toward the car. I saw Clara and her mother were about to cross my path. I had just had a great bow job and was still feeling all worked up. I said "Good morning Ladies. I've just had a great blow job. Would either of you like to give me another?"

Both stopped and looked at me. There was the fire again. The eyes were bright, wide and turning red with desire. I got a firm "Yes." from both. I said "Clara would you and your mother to come to my car? I want you Clara to stand so no one can see us while your mother sucks me off. Will you do that?"

They said "Yes." I came again, quickly but not as quick as I had for dear Wilda. Clara watched as her mother squatted between me and the car. Mother was nearly as good as Wilda.

I came, she swallowed and again I was licked clean. I zipped up and told them to go home and have a nice day. No reaction, no emotion and then I realized they had done what I asked but felt nothing of the emotion I was feeling. It must be kind of like, like well really nothing for them. That is when I saw the difference between what my mother was feeling this morning as I suckled her nipples and what a perfect stranger would feel. Some where there was room for love and affection in this sex thing.

I drove around for a while and as noon approached I stopped at a small diner up near the state park. I was about thirty miles from town. I took a seat by the window and ordered a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. The waitress was in her forties, plump busty and very pretty. I got the smile and then the fire came into her eyes. This answered a question I had but did not ask. Did this strange power extend beyond the limits of the city?

It also occurred to me that as a group could I influence women in say "A small diner." I ate my sandwich, paid my bill left a tip and walked slowly from the restroom in the far end of the diner through the entire line of patrons. There were six women and four men not counting me. I caught the eye of each woman as I passed their tables even if they were seated with a man or not. Just as I reached the door two highway patrol officers came in. One was a slim, pretty full busted woman. I stepped back held the door for them. I caught her eye quickly.
I turned and very loudly thought I want all the women to get naked. I did not speak out loud, did not utter a word. However the story that followed on the late news was hard to tell with out laughing. It now seems this restaurant has a large lunch crowd of working men. I wander why?

On the way home I had one more test to conduct that has weighed heavy on my mind.

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