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Jeff receives his punishment.

I was jealous then, but I felt secure that it was not another woman. You had not brought anyone else home for over a month now, since our game began. I waited patiently for you at the window, and eventually you came to me. You didn't make me wait tonight. You turned on that soft lamp, then got onto the bed and waited for me.

I had chosen to dress myself in a silk robe tonight, the material clinging to my body as it warmed through. I saw your eyebrows rise at the change in the game, but I smiled softly as I let the sash trail softly through my fingers as I leaned my chin in my hand and watched you. You frowned then and waved an irritated finger at me, making me laugh softly. Impatient, were you?

I pulled the sash so slowly, the silk sliding effortlessly over itself as the knot unravelled, I laid it over the arm of my chair on both sides, and relaxed so the material slipped a little, exposing more skin. Looking over to you I waited for the next commanding flick of a finger. Your hand was already over your groin, slowly moving as you watched me. With your free hand you waved for me to continue.

Raising a finger to the lapel of the gown, I slipped it under and gradually eased it down my shoulder, exposing naked flesh, and then the band of a bra as it slipped further. Repeating it on the other side, I leaned forward so you could see my breasts pushed up, the nipples peaking out over the silk of the cups as the robe slipped down my arms. Taking the nipples between my fingers, I rolled and squeezed them as I watched you do the same with your cock.

I could see the way it was pushing out the material of your trousers. You must have been so hard for me. How hard could I make you?

Easing the gown further, I let it drape over the chair to expose myself to you fully, my skin shining under the light of the lamp I had carefully place earlier beside me. Then I raised my stockinged feet to the sill but kept my knees together.

You sat up at that, your hand working a little harder on your arousal as you studied me as I sat still for you, my legs hiding my most intimate area, whilst you could see my breasts held on show in the silk cups. Your mouth was open a little, were you imagining what it tasted like to kiss my lips? My breasts? My pussy?

You were shaking your head now and waving at me, demanding I show you. I smiled and resumed playing with my nipples. Leaning back on the chair, I slowly opened my legs for you to see. I was wearing the briefest of silk panties, the match to the bra. They barely covered me and I was sure you could see how they were sodden, clinging to my lips as my arousal tormented me.

Your eyes widened at that, and I knew you could see my arousal. Could you smell my musk? I was so hot for you I was sure you must have done. I wanted to rip my panties off, to slide my finger in and play with myself whilst you watched, but that wasn't for tonight. Not yet. I satisfied myself with letting my hand drift down over my belly, and a single finger trail down and over the swollen lips through the silk before I closed the blind. I'm sure I heard you moan in frustration. But then, I hadn't had my reward either. You hadn't shown me how hard you were, let me seen what I wanted to taste.

You were missing the next two nights, leaving me wondering where you were. I passed it fantasising about the moment we eventually touched. About how you would arouse me whilst I stroked your hardness and brought you to the edge. Would our voyeurism continue once we did, or would we keep it private between us?

You came back the third night, and this time you sat at your window, mirroring me.

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