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Students punished at BDSM school.


Then she slipped up from Andrew's lap sliding all the way up to his lips her hand grabbing his erection, stroking it, her lips rested on his as she kissed him deep and long. Her naked breasts rubbing against his naked chest, her nipples erect and standing proud.

whispering in Andrew's ear, "cum for me Andrew, spill your seed down my throat."

Sliding back down she resumed her attack on his engorged member.

Andrew knew the deal, he was not allowed to touch her, but the feeling of her lips around him was enough for him, he had yearned for this woman's lips to suck him and make him cum. She had been his fantasy for many nights now, and when Sasha called him with her proposition he didn't hesitate. He felt her little fingers cup his balls as her lips worked wonders around his cock. Unable to hold out my longer he burst deep within her lips, feeling her swallow every single drop of his semen.

James watched Andrew buck beneath Sasha, letting out a deep moan as he came, Sasha not missing a beat as she swallowed and swallowed his cum, James hand rubbing and stroking more, he wanted to punish her, the feeling of jealousy running through his veins like needles prickling his skin. "Oh! He would punish her."

Sitting back on her hunches Sasha licked her lips dreamingly tasting what was left of Andrew's cum that had escaped onto her lips, a smile wide upon her lips, her eyes filled with hunger and desire, her body shaking with the ache for it. Looking back at her James she saw it, she knew her punishment would be great today.

The she heard it, "Sasha come here now!!" in a deep hoarse voice.

Crawling on the floor she went to James, sitting between his thighs her hands running up and down his bare legs under the robe, teasingly, smiling up at him with her angelic face, she whispered, "yes Dear?"

Reaching down abruptly he pulled her up forcefully, yanking her up atop his body, grabbing a handful of her hair pulling her lips down atop his, he kissed her deeply. Tasting Andrew's semen upon her lips, then pulling her head back he kissed down her exposed throat, down to her nipples, kissing them, biting on them, making her whimper from pleasure and pain.

Looking deep into her eyes he says, "its my turn now, PET!, now get down on the floor, lay back, strip of your panties and remain in the corset."

Sitting there still cuffed Andrew watched in fascination the turn of events. He had never seen James in such a mood. He was a man possessed, and now the temptress that had been tormenting and teasing them, turned into a little pussy cat, purring and obeying.

Sasha did as asked, laying back she slowly slipped off her drenched leather panties, while James stood towering above her, his erection poking out from beneath the robe, his eyes full with possession and mastery.

James undid the tie to his robe and stripped himself of it, standing there before her, he smiled. Then walking over to Andrew he uncuffed him and said, "now enjoy my friend watching this little vixen beg and scream."

Turning his attention back to Sasha, he knelt down between her open thighs, his fingers seductively caressing her flesh, sending goose bumps all over her excited body.

Then reaching her folds, he opened them wide with two fingers, finding her swollen clit, he teased at it whispering, "you may not cum pet!"

Sasha's body turned to liquid just by the touch of him, he knew how to pleasure her, he knew her weak spots, and he knew how to own her. For in fact he did own her body and soul. Her whole body bucking as a finger slipped deep into her finding her g-spot, probing at it, her hands coming to touch her erect nipples her legs shaking at the pressure of not being able to cum before allowed to.

He reached over with his free hand and slapped her hands away for her breasts, "do not touch pet!" then looking up at Andrew he said, "Andrew come her and hold her hands down behind her head while I make her beg."

In a flash Andrew was kneeling above Sasha's head, his strong firm hands holding her petite wrists above he

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