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The humming became more urgent as he slipped his cock between her cheeks, stroking up and down between them. She realized he was becoming thoroughly coated in the juices that were freely running down her thighs.

Her eyes widened in fear as she realized what was to come next. As she felt him nudging her exposed asshole, she cried, "No, nooo... please, not that! You'll hurt me... you're too big, you can't do this to me!" She shook her head and struggled as much as possible - not easy to do considering her awkward position and bound arms.

Pushing her even farther forward and exposing her bottom even more, he slapped her upturned rump soundly. Each hard swat was accompanied by a measured word. "Your... sorry... white... ass... is... mine... bitch!"

Suddenly, she felt him positioning himself at her tight backdoor and give one massive thrust. She howled as the pain threatened to tear her in two. With only the lube from her own juices to ease his entrance, he shoved his thick member in as far as it would go. His balls were nestled firmly up against her slippery cunt. His hands took hold of her shoulders and he growled into her ear, "Get used to this, slut. I'm gonna use every hole you've got as often as I want to. What you want don't matter - it's all about me, bitch and ain't nobody gonna stop me. You're my whore now, I own you!"

Her tears were flowing freely now as he slowly withdrew almost completely from her ass, only to painfully ram back in. Over and over he did this, picking up speed. She felt like she was being ass fucked by a freight train... he just kept on going, pounding harder and harder. The pain was intense and she could feel her ass stretching and tearing around his huge prick.

But the thud against her bottom and the way his balls smacked up against her cunt were having a strange effect on her. She could feel her legs trembling from the onslaught and her knees would've buckled if he hadn't had such a firm hold on her. She was still gasping out cries of pain and protest, but he showed her no mercy, using her ass ruthlessly.

With one final, deep thrust, he stiffened and grunted out his orgasm, filling her ass with his hot spooge. Withdrawing quickly, he gave her a quick shove, forcing her to her knees. Walking around in front of her, he looked her in the eye and grinned evilly as he took his dick in hand and brought it up to her face.

She tried to turn away, but once again, his hand was tangled in her hair, painfully forcing her head towards his groin.

"Look here cunt... you made my johnson dirty. Now be a good little whore and clean it off."

As he said it, he was playfully tapping her face with his tool, rubbing their mixed juices and her filth onto her cheeks and nose, circling her lips. He laughed at the look of horrified distaste on her face.

"Oh, don't worry Miss Darlene... you'll still look pretty to me while you're licking me clean!"

She pressed her lips firmly together, closing her eyes against the sight. The swift slap was unexpected and so hard it made her head ring. Unfortunately, it also caused her mouth to drop open and he swiftly shoved his waiting tool in.

Placing one hand on either side of her head, he squeezed tight and warned her, "Don't even think about biting me slut... you'll lose every tooth in that pretty little head if you do, and that'll just be the beginning of your troubles. Now, start sucking bitch..."

While she tried not to gag or vomit from the vileness in her mouth, his hands slowly rocked her head up and down on his semi-soft penis. She had no choice in the matter, it was either suck or be choked. As her tongue began to stroke his shaft, she could feel him starting to harden again.

"Oh, that's it whore... yeah, lick my cock... suck it down baby... you're gonna learn to love choking on my monster..." The filthier he talked, the bigger he grew, till he was thrusting deep down her throat, pounding faster with each stroke.

One hand was wrapped tight in her hair,

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