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A stolen moment between siblings after some comforting.

Without pleasantries or explanation, she abruptly slipped off of his bed and left the room. Brad leaned back and stared at the water stained ceiling, listening to the birds and the wind, feeling the hot, heavy afternoon air gust into his room. He thought about Cassie, just down the hall.

It was going to be a very long summer.

* * *

Brad watched Lisa and Cassie together from a growing distance. He was walking slowly, falling a little further behind with each step. They'd all taken the sailboat out to one of the tiny islands, dropped anchor, swam ashore, then walked around a bit. The island wasn't much bigger than a few large yards, with a high hillock in the center. It was a riot of greens of all different shades from various plants and trees, and from moss and lichen on fallen logs and boulders. Old golden leaves, brown dirt and tan pine needles littered the ground. It was all painted by a hodge-podge of sun and shadow.

At first the three of them were together, a group, fooling around. Soon Lisa had taken Cassie's hand, and now those two were a couple walking along ahead of Brad. Lisa laughed every now and then at her own jokes, or she'd whisper something into Cassie's ear, occasionally flicking it with her tongue as she cast a teasing glance back toward Brad. Or else she'd taunt Brad with some loud comment.

"Cassie has something to say to you, Brad," she yelled, then laughed at Cassie when she seemed reluctant to respond in any way. Cassie just kept walking, without even turning her head. Brad couldn't see, or guess at, her expression, or what Lisa was teasing them both about.

It was a sunny day, with a strong, gusty breeze coming in across the lake. Brad looked at the girls' hands. Cassie's finger kept caressing Lisa's, moving incessantly back and forth. Cassie was so quiet, so shy. She rarely said a word, but she liked to touch. She touched Brad whenever they were together. She'd done it since they were little. She hovered close by, sometimes leaning against him, or putting her hand subtly next to his, just barely brushing against him.

He liked that. It made him feel warm and needed, like she wanted him to shelter and protect her. He had always looked out for her, for as long as he could remember. She didn't really need him anymore. She'd grown up. She was strong and willful, under her quiet demeanor, but he still liked to protect her. It just seemed to be a part of who they were together.

"I wonder if there's anyplace around here a little more private than this island," Lisa said to no one in particular, with a leer in her voice. The comment obviously was meant for both Brad and Cassie, but with entirely different implications for each of them.

Cassie didn't answer. She just moved closer to Lisa, resting her head against her shoulder as they walked. Brad fought back a grimace at the thought of them abandoning him to do something he couldn't join.

Cassie looked so damn cute walking hand in hand with Lisa, Brad thought.

"This is as private a it gets," Brad told them both. He'd be damned if he was going anywhere. They got more than enough time alone with each other, while he got nothing.

Brad spent a lot of time around Cassie. He always had, since they were little. He'd always thought he understood her better than anyone. He thought he liked her a bit more than everyone else, too.

People, guys in particular, didn't like or dislike Cassie much. They just didn't notice her. Or rather, some of the guys did, at first. She wasn't curvy or sexy, but some guys were attracted to her cute, natural, little-girl good looks and her calm, somber demeanor. She didn't smile much, but when she did it was warm and genuine.

Soon enough they found out how unbelievably quiet she was. Then they backed off and lost interest. It made them uncomfortable. It spooked them.

"Fine. What else can we do?" Lisa asked, as if speaking to the trees off to her left.

Brad watched as Lisa released Cassie's hand, only to slip her arm smoothly around Cassie's waist.

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