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I need a place to stay during a student teaching assignment.

Satisfied that things were ok, I made my way back to my quarters and had an early night.

Six o'clock the next morning, I was driving the mini bus out of the MT yard and up towards the arms kote, were all the weapons were kept when not in use. As I was signing out my pistol, Mike Williams, a long time friend came up behind me to sign one out.

"Fuck me, what's a remf like you doing, signing out a pistol? I asked him.

He just laughed and winked at me.

Going outside I saw two lads waiting by the bus, and the day just got worse.

Short neat hair, very clean clothes, shiny shoes and clean the 1980's.

They just looked like what they were, off duty army personnel.

I was also in the army, but I made every effort to look badder than the bad guys. My normal outfit would consist of a black polo neck with a high collar, that way an army haircut didn't seem as bad. I wore a black leather jacket with poppers, not a zip, zips could get stuck and if you were trying to grab a pistol from a shoulder holster, a sticking zip is the last thing you want. I also had on flared jeans with doc martin boots, the flared jeans also meant that if I was sitting in a car I could place the pistol inside my doc martins and it would still be fairly near my hand. I also wore sunglasses, strictly against army rules, but I pretended they were prescription ones, so far nobody had bothered to look through them.

I was just looking at them and their pile of fishing gear when I heard a voice behind me.

"Welcome to the remf special"

Turning around, I saw Mike smiling at me.

Now it was all sinking in, Mike was also one of the fishing guys and that's why he had drawn out a pistol. I opened the doors and started to help the guys pack their fishing stuff inside. Talking to Mike, I started to get the full monty on what was happening. We were due to book in at the hotel near the lodge where the competition was being held. There would be heats held on the Saturday and the winners would fish again on Sunday to find an overall winner.

The lads climbed in, got comfortable and I set off driving towards the camp entrance.

As we approached the barrier, I flashed the headlamps, normally the sentry would just lift up the barrier and we would even have to stop, but this time he was on the phone and waved me to a standstill.

As I sat there looking at him, he waved the phone at me, making sure I understood it was for me. I switched off the engine and went inside the sentry box.

"Paddy" the voice said "Its me, Joe, fancy giving me that job you are on"?

"Say again" I replied.

"I have just checked with the sergeant, he said if its ok with you, its ok with him and I can do the driving job cause I like fishing anyway"

I slammed the phone down, did the quickest three point turn in army history and sped back down to the MT lines, ignoring all the questions the guys where shouting to me.

As I pulled up, Joe was waiting, he had his own fishing gear with him, so this would be a working holiday for him, and I wouldn't be babysitting anyone.

He signed over the mini bus from me, waved goodbye and set off.

Meanwhile I went home and went to bed.

Later that night, I walked down to the naafi, since Joe had taken that duty, I was free all weekend, and just needed to stay clear of anyone who looked like they needed a driver. I could see there were quite a few guys heading for the naafi then remembered

that there was a wrestling match on that night.

Looking forward to a good night, I headed for the bar and grabbed a pint.

The wrestlers were every bit as bad as I expected them to be, but being so bad made it more fun actually, the punches were fake and were so easy to spot coming, and yet they still managed to connect by accident.

Halfway through the second bout the duty Major came in, along with the RSM.

I knew the major, had worked with him a lot and something told me it was bad.

Very bad.

The RSM walked towards the ring and told the wres

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