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Stranded air travelers find mutual good in a blizzard.

We are friendly enough for them to tease me; saying that I am a pretty sissy.


At my car Eric asked to exchange cell numbers with me, I had already thought about what I would say when this time arrived. I know for me that if I ask a girl for her number I want to fuck her, and if I give a guy my number I'm going to let him fuck me. I quickly checked him out as I stalled for time. Eric was a husky guy at this point, but there were obviously some muscles underneath the extra padding he now has. There is a little more around his middle than anywhere else.

I asked if he comes here often, I know, it's one of the oldest lines in the book. Yeah, I pop in here some, he said. I said how about you give me your number and if I don't get by this way soon, maybe I'll reach out to you. He agreed and we went our separate ways.


So number one, I wasn't THAT horny. Number two, my team just lost, number three, I had to think about that prison thing. I practice safe sex, but I do like to give head and swallow, so I'd need proof he's been checked out. Maybe I would ask Tommy if he knows anything about the guy. I know Tommy Bell better than I do any of the guys from the bar. I can trust him to look out for me.


Tommy knows who Eric is, and assures me that he's not a serial killer. He jokingly asked me if I was going to give Eric some sissy pussy. I responded by saying, thanks for the info, I owe you a beer, bye.


I waited a couple weeks before I texted Eric, I wanted to be sure that I was ready to embark on another journey if it turned out that I was interested in him.

So I called him and asked him to answer a couple of questions for me. I said; so you're not in prison any longer, so why do you want someone like me when there are so many genetic women available?

He responded back to me saying; while I was inside I was the one to service other men. I found that I enjoyed being with them but I preferred the dominant role and wanted my partner to be feminine but not the swishy type.

I said to him; it sounds to me as if you want a straight acting gay man, but I'm a woman with a cock.

His reply was; I've never thought about it like that.

I said to him; please give it some thought.


Whatever the reason, I get hit on often by straight men. How do I know they're straight, because they don't want to suck my cock, that's how. Straight men want my pussy, gay or bi men want my cock. I want men who will ignore it and focus only on the inner me the way my most recent guy did.

He was in town for a six weeks working on a construction site for his employer, he saw me working on the same project for the company I work for. I was in work boots, khakis and a company provided sweatshirt. He saw my face and my rainbow flag, which I always wear. It's better to be totally out than to get beat up because some guy finds out he was checking out a man.

It turned out that he was a bi top. I suppose that's what all the men who want me are. But that can be a circular argument. The thing is he likes to top and he prefers femininity and I gave that to him. I was his woman for a month. When he was at my house I dressed for him. We had a lot of sex. I find that I want more sex as a man than I do as a woman, and I don't know why. But I would suck his cock everyday if he wanted it. I gave him my ass anytime it wasn't too sore. The best part for me was he never touched my cock, but he did make me cum often simply by fucking me well. I loved the way he held me close and kissed me deeply just before he would cum, when he fucked me in the missionary position.

His cock was perfect for me, it was slightly thicker and longer than mine, for some reason it's important to me that my lovers cock is larger than mine, but I don't want them to have a really big dick either.

Well anyway, his assignment ended and he has gone back to his state,


And now need to decide if I'm seeing Mr.

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