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I commented, "That should make it much smoother."

Placing my hands under my knees I began to pull my toes up his cock towards the head in a slow deliberate manner. As my tightly clenched toes slowly squeezed up his cock shaft I could feel the small ring-like ridges along the walls of his shaft rub against the inside of my toes. Joe began to moan softly as he felt my toes making their way up toward his sensitive swollen head. Joe rubbed the long flexing slender muscles in my lower legs, running his hands from my ankles to my upper calves. I smiled realizing from experience what was about to happen as I felt the web of skin between my left toes catch on the head of his cock and those sensitive glands beneath it. I turned to watch his facial expression; it was like a bolt of electricity shot through his body and I thought he was going to cum right then. His body shook uncontrollably and he grunted loudly.

I could not help but let out a short giggle as I slowly slid my toes back down offering him some relief. Joe quickly attempted to regain his composure while I did this by taking quick short breaths as I started the process all over again slowly pulling my toes back up his throbbing shaft.

I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair asking playfully, "You doing alright down there honey?"

Joe laughed, gasping excitedly, "Oh my God Jen, oh my God I never felt anything like that. Your toes are amazing and you know how your legs turn me on. This is incredible, your feet are incredible."

That's what I needed to hear from him. I leaned over and kissed him saying, "The pleasure is all mine. Do me a favor and hold on as long as you can. I can go on all night. My legs are strong, I doubt they will tire before I make you cum."
Just as I finished saying that my toes reached his bulbous cock head again, it's raised ridge caught against the webbing between my toes. This time I ran it past the sensitive nerves along the ridge of his cock head and back down again. Joe responded with several quick thrusts of his hips and some more grunts as his cock head jerked several times between my long oily toes. I could feel the sensitive glands catch the skin between my toes with each thrust.

Playfully I scolded him saying, "Hey! I am the one doing the jerking here you just lean back and enjoy for now and let me have my fun. You will get your turn later, and only when I say you can."

Joe, partly out of breath, gasped, "I will try Jen, but I couldn't help it. Your toes feel so good."

I smiled wickedly saying, "Oh? Is this what you mean," and keeping the head of his cock between both sets of my toes I began to flex my ankles up and down in rapid succession. With each upward stroke I could feel those sensitive glands catching and rubbing against the webbed skin of my toes. I watched as Joe came out of his skin with excitement as he flopped forward and tossed from side to side. Since his cock filled the gap between my toes so tightly there was no fear he was going to slip out. Nor was he able to move out of reach of my long legs as they tracked him all over the chair. I was amazed at his uncontrolled response as I continued to flex my toes up and down for a minute or so. Joe clenched my right leg, which was nearest to him, groaning long and loud as I continued to apply the pressure. I watched as the head of his cock grew even more purple and after a minute or so I stopped and slid my toes back down to the throbbing base of his shaft. Joe immediately fell back into the chair exhausted and breathing like he just got down running a Marathon.

I smiled down at him saying, "Now shall we do it your way and go for round two or will it be the way I want it to be."

Joe gasped, barely audible, "Oh God no, no second round. Lets do it your way."

I winked at him saying, "Okay, but don't let it happen again, at least not until I say you can."

I began to jerk his cock faster and just short of the head.

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