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An unhappy wife is given permission to date.

She bounded off the bed and still completely naked jumped into his arms. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and buried her face in his neck. Feeling the soft stubble on his chin, smelling his cologne and feeling his body against hers reminded her of home and knew that this is where she belonged.

"What are you doing here Daddy?"

"I can't come see my baby girl without a reason? I love you and missed you wasn't enough?"

"Silly Daddy, of course it is! But I know it's a long trip!"

"It is, I didn't tell you because I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, but I had a meeting with a publisher earlier today in NYC. They want to publish my book!"

"YAY! That's amazing Daddy! I'm proud of you!"

"Thank you my love, I brought you a special present to let you know how much I appreciate your support" Olivia loved surprises so long as she didn't know she was getting one ahead of time. Those kind just made her anxious.

The special prize turned out to be a teddy bear and Daddy's blanket that she loved to use when she visited him. The bear was made out of Daddy's clothes and even came with a little pair of glasses.

"So you can cuddle me even when I can't be here. I hope you miss me as much as I miss you."

"Duh Daddy! I'm so excited you're here!" Olivia hoped that if she kept him preoccupied enough he would forget that she'd broken a rule. No such luck.

"Me too baby girl, but first we need to deal with your punishment"

"Punishment for what Daddy?" She tried to muster a look of shock and play innocent but she knew that she'd been caught.

"You know for what. Cumming without permission is a big no no. While I shower and unpack my things, you are to stand in the corner with the time out jar and think about who you and your orgasms belong to."

Without another word, Olivia went to the bookshelf where she kept the time out jar. It was a jar filled with water, glue, glitter, and glitter glue. The idea was that she had to shake it when she got to the corner and think about what she'd done wrong until the glitter settled at the bottom. Olivia actually found it calming to be punished when she'd broken a rule. She knew that Daddy would deem the infraction settled and would not bring it up again. Plus she liked watching the glitter fall.

Standing in the corner of her bedroom, she watched as the blue and pink sparklies danced around the jar. She thought on who she belonged to just like Daddy said. She knew that this lifestyle wasn't for everyone, but it was definitely for her. She found comfort in Daddy's strength and care. The only thing she didn't like was the distance, but as the glitter started to make it's way to the bottom of the jar, she realized that he loved her just as much and the distance was making them stronger as a couple. They were able to deal with issues better through communication and devotion. She knew that she appreciated his time a lot more when it was so limited.

Lost in thought, Olivia didn't hear Daddy come up behind her. He was like a ninja and could always sneak up on her. He wrapped his arms around her, making her jump for the second time that night. His lips found his favorite spot, just below her ear on her neck. It made goosebumps rise along her arms and back.

"That's long enough my love, get in bed."

No more words, just a smile as she sauntered across the room and climbed on the bed. Wiggling her ass in the air just a little too long to be normal. She wanted to tease him a bit and knew that he loved her ass.

As she lay all the way down on the bed, she grabbed her new stuffed bear and curled up into a little ball and pretended like she was going to sleep.

She let out a little shriek as strong hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward him. She pretended to struggle but they both knew that she'd never resist a man that she loved as much as him.

He forced her legs open and planted little kisses and nibbles along her thighs.

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