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Online teasing leads to a night of unseen hotel fun.

Keep seeing him.

Not that anyone could have stopped me at this point.

I got an idea late in the day. I called Jonah and asked if he wanted to go on a picnic the next day. He said okay.

"I could pick you up..." I offered, then thought better of it. "No, you better come over here first. We'll go from here."

My driveway was hidden from the view of all my neighbors, so I felt safe leaving with Jonah. We headed up the steep winding road into the forest nearby. There were plenty of private spots up there.

I turned off on a trail and drove as far as the road went. Then we unloaded the food and a blanket, and went up the trail on foot.

We veered off the trail, and found this gorgeous little grassy meadow enclosed by trees. The summer rains had come, and there were purple and yellow flowers everywhere.

I lay the blanket over the grass, and Jonah unloaded the bags onto the ground.

I lay on my back, and the sun was blinding overhead. I closed my eyes, basking in it. Jonah lay on his back next to me.

It didn't take long before I was starting to sweat. I unbuttoned the top of my dress and laid it open, my breasts bared. Then I undid the lower buttons one by one, working my way down to the hem. I threw the skirt open. Then I moved my arms up and put my hands under my head.

Jonah turned toward me and propped his head up on his arm. I felt his shadow cover my eyes, so I opened them. His eyes were fixed on my breasts. He was staring at them intently, almost like a scientist or something, studying them.

He took his free arm and moved it toward me. Then he stopped in mid-air, just hanging there.

My nipples started to contract and tingle. He moved his index finger slightly back and forth, and I swear, my nipple could feel him touching it, squeezing the pulsations right through my clitoris, which started to throb.

"God, Jonah, how do you do that?" I murmured.

Then he moved his hand slowly toward me again, his eyes still riveted on my breasts.

He took my nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently back and forth. With every twist, sparks were flying through my clit, into my labia and vagina.

Then he began to move his face toward me in slow motion. His hair brushed my chest as he took the other nipple in his mouth and moved his tongue around it, sucking it in. My breathing was deep and full, following the rhythms he was making. His thumb and finger increased their pressure to match the sucking of his mouth.

I moaned, feeling the pleasure streaming out of me into him.

He hadn't even touched my clit yet, but it was pounding with the same exquisite pulsations as my nipples.

I took my hand from under my head and moved it down the ravine between our bodies, fumbling along his zipper, searching for his mound. My arms weren't that long, and I found the tip, but I couldn't reach the full body I wanted to grasp.

He adjusted his hips upward so I could reach. I pressed my hand over the mass under his pants, fumbled to unlatch them, pulled the zipper down, careful not to catch anything, and thrust my hand inside.

When I closed it around his thick wand, he moved his hand down to stroke the hair over my pubic mound, working down further and further into the jelly spot and the wet cave behind it.

I grasped his cock, squeezing and moving up and down, and the passion was streaming between us.

He moved his pelvis closer, thrusting toward my hand, and drew his mouth up my chest and neck to my mouth. His tongue plunged inside as he thrust forward with his pelvis, making a double assault.

I felt the overwhelming ecstasy as his power moved into me, trampling everything in its path. The energy overran me in wave after wave, his pelvis jerking closer and closer until the tip of his want was pushed against my opening. It continued its rhythm, moving deeper with each parry, until it was buried up to the hilt, pressing against every nerve ending of my long, slick hallway.

His hand went to my nipple again, squeezing it hard while his penis pounded.

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