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First great lesbian encounter.

My office was in the hotel, so we worked together, ate together, played together and slept only a wall thickness apart.

As our love became more and more evident, we became a focus of interest in the town, whose people wished us only the best. They took great pleasure in our obvious love and loyalty to each other and, probably based on that, everybody loved and admired Elizabeth, I was offered a seat, which I did not accept, on the town Council.

During this time, the 'S' word did emerge and we talked about it, but Elizabeth was a virgin and told me that, though she loved me dearly and had no aversion to sex, she was not yet ready to take the step. While I often longed for the closeness and warmth of her body, my deep love for her made me pleased to wait.

On our evenings off, we would go to our favorite places, the beach, the lighthouse, or the islands, sit down and, always most tenderly, touch, kiss and love each other. It was a very wonderful time, marred only once, when Elizabeth's brother, during a drunken argument, accused me of being there only to have sex with his sister. This upset Elizabeth very much and she tearfully told her mother it was not true, that she had never experienced sex. Her mother hugged us both, comforted her and ever thereafter, a new and higher level of respect was shown us by her family, including even her brother.

We talked of marriage and even bought a plot of land to build a house. A war started brewing somewhere in the Far East and we had good reason to believe that I would be called to active duty as a reserve naval officer. Elizabeth told me that if this happened, she wanted us to be married before I had to leave. We did all the legal preparation, but the threat passed and our marriage was put on hold. Some time later, Elizabeth went for minor surgery to a city hospital and, when she was ready to be released, I went to meet her and drive her home. We spent two wonderful days and nights in the city, chastely occupying two hotel rooms while enjoying our time together.

On our way back home, we talked seriously of just going off right then to get married. The legal work had already been done, so all that remained was for us to take our vows. We stopped at a road junction, where we could either turn one way to go home, or take the other branch and quickly and quietly get married. For several reasons, all of which I've regretted to this day, we chose to go home.

Time went by; years in fact, and we continued to live and love, but then Elizabeth's father died. Her mother broke up the businesses and sold the pieces and I went to work for another company nearby. We continued to see each other but after a while, and I never quite knew why, we grew apart. We still met and still walked to the lighthouse, but less and less frequently as time went on and Elizabeth did not see anybody else while I was there. It was always a great joy for me to meet her and we were still the dearest of friends, but we no longer talked of marriage or of a future together.

It was very reluctantly that I started dating again and eventually met the lady who would become my wife. She was a good woman, but looking back, I think I probably married her to achieve some closure in my mind from the woman I really loved. We got married in the same small town and both Elizabeth and her mother were guests. Late in the evening, shortly before the festivities came to a close, Elizabeth and I danced a waltz together and, as we did, the other guests quietly left the floor, leaving us to dance alone. The music stopped, and there witnessed by her mother and our many dear friends, we kissed lightly and tenderly and said goodbye. My new bride saw, and understood. I never saw Elizabeth again.

Very soon after, during a quiet time, my wife asked me about my feelings for Elizabeth.

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