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About five minutes later, the red mist started forming into a body, with thin cute legs followed by flared waist. A flat stomach was followed by a cute pair of perky small breasts, ruby red lips, green eyes, and then at last long flowing fire red hair.

I blinked a few times and then yelled, "EMMY!"

She smiled at me then I noticed she wasn't wearing any clothing. I averted my eyes as quickly as I could.

Emmy giggled, "You can look Scott, I have clothes on now." I turned to look at her then grabbed her and gave her a huge hug.

My dad opened the door a little and asked if it was safe.

"Yes it's safe," Emmy laughed. "I am clothed now."

He came walking in and said, "Hi Emmy, it's been awhile."

Emmy laughed again, "Yes, it has." She looked at me and said, "Scott, I know we owe you a lot of explanations, and I promise we'll get to that later on if that's OK. First things first," she said as she walked over to my mom.

Emmy looked back at me and said, "Scott, say the words 'I wish my mom was perfectly fine'." I gave her a confused look.

Emmy smiled and said, "Just say those words, Scott."

I nodded and bumbled it, saying "I wish my mom was healthy again" instead. No sooner did I say that than Emmy started glowing, followed immediately by my mom glowing as well. Moments later, my mom's eyes fluttered and she woke up smiling. She grabbed Emmy and pulled her into a hug.

Emmy giggled and said, "It is good to see you again too."

While my dad went to get a doctor, Emmy said, "Scott, you and I have a lot of talking to do. Let's leave your mom and dad to take care of this so they can get out of this place." Checking quickly with my mom, I agreed. Emmy then grabbed my arm wrapped hers into it as we walked out of the room.

Emmy smiled, "Scott, leave the questions until we are alone. There's a lot of stuff I need to explain to you, and I don't want anyone else hearing it."

I just walked with her and kept squeezing her arm to make sure I was not dreaming, that she had truly returned to me. Emmy just continued to let out her beautiful giggle every time I squeezed her arm. I opened the passenger door of my car and held her hand as she got in. I ran around to the driver's side and got in as fast as I could.

Emmy giggled, "Scott, don't worry. I am not going to disappear again on you. I am here to stay." I looked over at her and our eyes met for the first time in nearly two years. All I could think was that she was still as beautiful now as she was two years ago.

Emmy smiled and said, "Thank you Scott." I gave her a funny look for a second.

She giggled, "Scott we have a lot to talk about and discuss. Let's go back to your house so we can start talking".

During the drive home, she just held her hand on mine and every few minutes she would squeeze my hand and say, "Don't worry Scott, I am still here."

Once at my house I let her out of the car and we went inside. I asked if she was hungry.

Emmy smiled and said, "Pleasures can come after we discuss what you need to know. Sit down Scott. I have a lot to explain to you and you're probably not going to believe a lot of it, but I want you to listen and understand everything. I'll prove what I am about to say is the truth later."

I nodded and sat quietly, looking at her as she started, "First Scott, I am not a human. I am actually a Djinn, or Genie, but I am not the normal kind you have read about or seen in movies. I am what is called a pleasure djinn. For my power to work, a few things have to happen. First the person that is to be my master and I have to be around each other for years."

I was dumbfounded but did not say anything she continued, "My being raised as a kid at your side was the way my bond to you could start, and I cherished every second I was at your side. When I disappeared, it was hard on both of us, but I had to be put back into the ring to recharge my powers before you became an adult." I continued to sit there and listen to her without opening my mouth.

Emmy said, "Scott, unlike other Djinni, I am bound to you.

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