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Bobby's good fortune during summer vacation continues.

"Oh, yes, you have beautiful breasts, my dear. I'm so glad you came over tonight."

Tammie was still in shock from this turn of events, but stammered, "thank you, I have also dreamed of seeing what you look like under your proper collegiate attire, and you look even better than I had imagined you would." Nova began undoing Tammie's jeans, but the young woman soon took over and slid her jeans and panties off. Once she was fully nude, she turned so her teacher could see all of her.

Nova led Tammie to the hot tub and both got in. After settling in for a few minutes, the conversation returned to the stars visible through the ceiling overhead. Nova was trying to point out a particular star, but Tammie couldn't see it from where she was, so Nova suggested she sit between her legs and lean back against her chest so they would have the same point of view. Tammie didn't hesitate and was soon settled in between the older woman's spread thighs. Nova delighted in the feel of the girl's ass pressing against her pussy and her back caressing her breasts. Nova continued to point out points of interest as she whispered in her student's ear.

Before long, Nova was caressing Tammie's breasts as they lost themselves in the evening; two people who had found each other in the vast expanse of space. Tammie was so enjoying the new sensations of being so intimate with a woman for the first time that she spread her legs in subconscious invitation and Nova readily took the hint and reached down to explore the girl's offered pussy. Tammie's clit was hard with arousal and she muttered a gasp at her teacher's touch. With Nova stroking her pussy, Tammie soon lost herself in the best orgasm she had ever experienced. Tammie sagged back against her teacher's breasts as she came back down from her peak. "That was wonderful," she said at last, "I think I saw stars."

The older woman chuckled, "there are things that men still haven't mastered even after all this time." The two women continued to caress each other as Nova explained, "the tradition of mentor and mentee bonding through physical intimacy has been passed down to us from the ancient Greeks. My own college mentor will always be one of my closest personal confidantes. And bonding with colleagues has also been similarly rewarding. I think now we should go shower off before we're permanently pruned."

Tammie followed Nova to the large shower in her bedroom. Soon hot water cascaded around them from four shower heads and Tammie was thrilled by the decadent sensations of being washed with peach-scented soap by Nova's practiced hands as their slick bodies rubbed together lasciviously. Nova's hands seemed to be everywhere; on her breasts, her ass, her shoulders, her pussy. At the same time, Nova's breasts were constantly gliding along her body, her nipples tracing complex patterns of a dance of utmost desire. Tammie felt another orgasm mounting and grabbed onto a well-placed handle to steady herself as Nova plunged two experienced fingers deep into her cunt and began to strum her clit with her thumb. The girl lost all sense of herself as she became engulfed in a mind-shattering climax that seemed to have her body spasming for hours as the stars whirled around her to infinity.

When she came back to herself, she knew she had to repay her hostess, so she filled her hands with that delightful soap and finally got her hands on the breasts that had so mesmerized her all semester.

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