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Hannah enjoys a prostitute with her guy.

For me when I would eventually come down it would ultimately prove to be devastating.

That evening as I lay in bed, still too amped up to sleep I heard a soft knock on my door and then a familiar sight. It was Abby, clad in only a long t-shirt who made her way close and crawled into bed beside me. Her eyes were still shining as she gave me a smile before snuggling up against me and seconds later I heard the sound of her steady breathing telling me she had found her rest. It took a long time for me to find mine.

When I awoke the next morning she was gone but her scent lingered on the pillow. It was the highlight of the week as I found the days leading up to our next assignment seemingly lasting an eternity. It was the start of a pattern which would begin to spiral out of control as the weeks went by but for now, I was too blind to see it.

Thursday finally arrived and this time when I got my assignment I was surprised to see the second player in my scenario wasn't Holly but Antoine instead. I felt the butterflies in the pit of my stomach when he walked over, giving me his warmest smile but dressed as Eric it just didn't seem the same. Andrea went over what the client desired, giving us the basics, and then the two of us sat down and read it together.



A middle-aged woman, Francine, takes a younger lover only to find that his shy, quiet demeanor is a turn off for her. Though she is not a dominant she still has heard about cuckolding, a powerful sexual fantasy for some men, who get aroused by the idea of their romantic partner engaging in sexual activity with someone else. She takes it a step further in totally emasculating the young man, turning him into her own personal submissive maid. Taking a lover, Antoine, the cuckold figure, Holly, is forced to watch and only participate in the most degrading of ways.

When we finished I saw almost a scowl on the gentleman's face as I heard, "I'm not sure this is acceptable to me Holly." I must have given him a confused look as he sighed before continuing. "I see Holly as a beautiful maid and yet I am to make love to this woman?"

I gave him a bit of a smile, the compliment meaning more than words can say. "Antoine, many of the women who were in attendance that night I'm sure dream of you on a nightly basis. I am only playing a minor role in this scene. What she really wants is to feel desired by a man as special as you. If by showing me that you are the far better lover and doing so making herself happy, so be it. It's only words and they only hurt if you let them."

I got another smile and whether I was dressed as Holly or not it still made me feel special in my own way. We went over a few more things and then finished up and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and this time it was Eric that blushed.

By the time Saturday evening arrived I was again in my happy place, dressed in my outfit, though I had to quickly downplay it as we began. The woman of the house droning on and on about how I could never stack up to Antoine, a real man who could give a woman everything I never could. I took her berating, keeping my head down, playing the downtrodden figure until there was a knock on the door and I was ordered to open it.

"Welcome to Mistress Francine's house Sir, she is in the parlor awaiting you."

I felt his hand under my chin and my heart skipped a beat as he said softly, "She may have discarded a man but she found a treasure in you young lady. You are absolutely stunning." His voice did not carry into the living room as I watched him walk forth, the older woman rising, as he favored her with his best smile and kissed her with a passion that almost made me green with envy.

Going into the kitchen, I filled two wineglasses and upon returning, I presented each with one before kneeling at the woman's side. I kept my silence, hearing her tell Antoine about how unhappy she had been with me as a man and how this was so much better. My place being at the feet of another.

"Perhaps you are correct m

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