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Sophie has to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

Then the soft little hands started running over her chest, lifting them slightly, tracing the edges of the nipples, squeezing and fondling everywhere. Baker laughed and the girl took that as encouragement. "I bet her snatch is real tight too."

"Noo!!" Kate screamed, but was helpless as the girl opened her folds with two fingers. She had never done anything with a girl before, it was too awful. Tears of shame trickled down. "Please!" she called to Baker, "make her stop!!"

Baker's eyes got wide and he laughter pealed through the room. His body shook as he hyperventilated. Red-faced he wiped tears from his eyes. "That was priceless!! I never get tired of the that. Thank you Erika."

The slave smiled, her fingers still violating Kate. "You are welcome Master." She turned back to the helpless girl and pinched her lab to make her shout. With her mouth then open took advantage and Erika kissed her. One of the other girls held her head to prevent her from pulling back as the other girl's tongue searched her mouth. She held Kate's face softly in her hands when she finished, the way a lover would. "You must learn to be a good slave like me and please your new Master."

"Fuck you!! Fuck all of you!!! I'll fuck that son of a bitch because of what he did to me, but I won't do anything more."

Baker sighed and sat back into his chair. "Oh why can't TV be this good? Kate my dear you have much to learn. You are my slave and you will do as I want. Isn't that right Erika?"

"Yes Master." He gave some type of hand signal and she dropped to her knees. Kate snapped her legs shut, but the two girls hold her, pulled her into a chair, and forced her legs apart. She struggled, but helpless she felt the tongue trace her nether lips. It flicked over her clit and Kate could not help the sudden wave of lust that filled her. Her snatch opened under the lightest pressure from the tongue. The tongue penetrated, plunging in while the nose rubbed her clit. Then a hand ran down her thighs and started to rub around her bare mound. Her poor pussy was going wild, even more than before. If she did not cum soon, she would explode.

"Look at me." Baker voice cut in. Kate meekly did as she was told as her body was violated. "You are mine, learn that." He snapped and the assault on her pussy stopped as Erika crawled to Baker's feet which she kissed. He yanked her up by her hair. She yelled, but immediately started sucking when his dick smacked her in the face. He sat down, his slave following him, never letting him slip free. "Let her up and leave." Kate was free. She watched as the other girl's head bobbed up and down. "Return the favor."


"You know what I mean."

Kate wanted to vomit. She couldn't suck another girl!! But if she didn't she was sure whatever Baker would do would be far worse. Plus the soon this was over the sooner she could cum. Everything in her wanted to run as she approached, but her pussy, or rather Baker, was in charge now. She started to cry and wanted to die as she sank to knees behind the other girl. Nothing was more perverted as far as she was concerned, only the sickest, most vile people made gay sex. She forced herself to bring her hands up and spread the other girls lips. Ever so gingerly she extended her tongue and just barely made contact. To her surprise she did not taste as bad as Baker. Slowly she pushed her tongue deeper in. She was revolted at first that the other girl seemed to be enjoying it, but then she remembered she was on the drug too. She was probably getting excited from sucking that asshole's cock. Kate had felt better than she had in days other than sucking him, although she was loath to admit it. Her body had betrayed her and she cried as she swirled her tongue around in another girl's snatch when Emily entered. Kate turned at the sound of the door opening embarrassedly worrying about who might be seeing her, brushing the other girl's clit causing her to squeak. "We are ready now Master."

"Very well, but I have business to finish here.

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