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It was difficult to resist the urge to pump my cock and shoot right then. I resisted though, hoping Mike would take care of that for me. I dressed in a t-shirt and jeans leaving my underwear in the drawer. I hoped Mike would like the surprise.

Mike arrived on time and rang the doorbell. As I opened the door, I observed a nice looking man with short brown hair, dark brown eyes and warm smile. He was dressed in a light blue polo shirt and faded jeans. I liked what I saw. I invited him in and greeted him with a warm handshake. We decided to start with a beer, sat and just talked for a while. We talked about the website we met on. Mike said he had been surfing the site for about a year, but hadn't decided to actually pursue anyone until he read my profile. He said he found it simple and inviting. I felt a little more at ease and liked where this was heading.

Then without a word, we both stood facing each other. Mike reached over and grabbed my shirt, raising it over my head. As he dropped it to the floor, I did the same to him and ran my fingers over his nipples. He let out a quiet moan. Then without hesitation, he bent forward and started licking my left nipple. I could only say "mmmm." He moved to the right nipple, licked and then began to suck. I was already semi-hard and that did the rest.

The tent in my pants was now quite evident. He moved back and forth sucking each nipple as I said "Mike, that feels so good, my turn." Mike straightened up and I did just as he had done. His nipples were hard and apparently as sensitive as mine as he started moaning immediately.

I looked down and saw that he was as hard as I was. What's a guy to do? So I loosened his belt, undid his pants and slid them down his legs. My God, he went commando as well and his cock was amazing. It stood straight out, about 7 inches and seemed to say to me, "suck me now." I knelt down in front of him and helped him the rest of the way out of his pants. This is it, I thought. I reached out, touching his shaft gently, running my hand up and down, and then cupping his balls. Though it was a cock just like mine, it felt so different actually touching it.

As I continued to get to know the feel of his cock, the precum appeared. I had often tasted my own, so I was anxious to try his. Slowly, I licked the tip of Mike's cock. It tasted sweet and I wanted more. His cock twitched in my hand as if to say, "I'm all yours now." I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I then began to suck the head. It felt so great to finally have a cock in my mouth. I moved a little further down the shaft, then back up again. The softness of the skin but firmness of the shaft was amazing. Up and down I moved, managing to get almost all of it in my mouth. I absolutely loved the feeling of a hard cock so deep in my mouth.

I backed off and licked the underside of the shaft along the vein and down to balls. I bathed his balls with my tongue and then gently sucked them. Mike said, "Oh yeah, Ron, that's it." I continued to lick his balls and shaft for a minute, but I needed that cock back in my mouth.

I resumed a nice steady up and down motion, sucking and licking his cock as I did so. "Don't stop, don't stop," Mike said. I wasn't about to. I gently rubbed and squeezed his balls as I continued feasting on his magnificent meat. Up and down, up and down sucking and swirling my tongue.

"Oh my God, here it comes," Mike said. I backed off to about halfway and and Mike let loose. I wanted so badly to swallow his load. His first spurt was thick and warm. I managed to swallow just as another spurt came. Then, another and another. He filled my mouth completely and a little dribbled out of the corner. I swallowed again and again but held a little in my mouth so I could get the full taste. I loved it. I thought it had a slight taste like celery. Again, I knew I wanted more. After a minute, I let his now softening cock from my mouth and stood up.

Mike immediately said, "I want to taste my own

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