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Gymnast's injury brings her closer to her father

Nothing hit me, but she did have a lot of matching bras and thongs. Too bad she wasn't going to need them. She had some nice lingerie too, but none of it was slutty enough.

Next I checked out her closet which had lots of choices. No pants suits, but some nice skirts and business dress suits to choose from. I choose an olive colored dress suit with its matching shoes. Very professional and I always liked it-the skirt was short and I can remember a few good thigh shots that I've caught in the past. The jacket had two buttons and had a V neck. I went back to her lingerie drawer and grabbed a pair of white stockings to go along with the business suit.

Mary Ann walked out of the bathroom completely naked, but with all her make up on and hair done. She looked beautiful.

"Here put this on." I said as I handed her the hanger with the business suit on it.

She went to her drawer to grab a bra and thong.

"Don't bother. You don't need a bra or thong. You won't need a shirt for under the jacket either." I informed her. "Just put on what I hand you."

"I can't go out like this. I look like a whore. People will be able to see me Dave. Please." She begged.

"I won't let anything bad happen to you. Now get dressed." I said handing her the white stockings. I watched her put on the stockings and then the business suit. As we were on the way out she put on her heels. Fuck me pumps. The skirt was lower than the top of the stockings which disappointed me, but I'll make do. Her suit jacket showed lots of cleavage with both buttons fastened. From the side you could clearly see the side of her tit and a glimpse of her pink nipple and areole.

"Where are we going?" Mary Ann asked.

"Shopping and to show you off slut." I told her.

We drove for about 10 minutes in silence other than the radio when I told her, "take your tits out of your jacket and play with them."

"People will see Dave." She pleaded.

"Unbutton your jacket and open it. Play with your tits for me. Don't worry about others just worry about pleasing me." I said.

She reluctantly unbuttoned and opened her jacket and started to play with her tits. She pulled and squeezed her nipples and they quickly became hard. Her little pink nipples were pointing out. I noticed that Mary Ann had her eyes shut and was biting on her bottom lip. She was getting turned on.

"Pull up your skirt over your waist so I can see and play with your pussy Mary Ann." I told her. Lost in her lust, she sat up in the seat and pulled up her skirt over her waist exposing her bald mound. I reached over and rubbed on her now wet slit.

"Open your legs slut and put your heels up on the dashboard." I instructed her. "Lie back in the seat a bit and get comfortable." She did as I ordered.

I pulled over for a minute telling her not to move while I reached into my bag of tricks. I put on her blindfold and worked her dildo into her pink pie hole and drove off.

"Dave, what are you doing to me?" She asked as her breathing was accelerating.

"Making you cum and bringing out your desires slut. Now use the dildo to fuck yourself. I'm going to drive to a spot and watch you until you cum." I told Mary Ann.

I drove for about five minutes and pulled into a spot. During the ride she got some hot looks from some truckers enjoying the show. Her breathing was heavy as she plunged the dildo in and out of her pussy using her free hand to pull on her erect nipples.

"I'm going to cum soon Dave ." she said between heavy breathing and a few moans. I could hear the dildo plunging in and out of her sopping wet snatch.

"Dave...I'm AWWW OH GOD..cumming...AWWW." she screamed as she exploded-her juices gushing out over my leather seat causing a puddle of her love juice around her ass and pussy on the seat.

"Taste yourself slut.

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