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Halloween is ripe for planting seeds.

Inside Rajan sat with his personal friends and their respective wives on a large circular couch. The room had the full view of the party outside through a floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall glass. Rajan greeted us and introduced us to all his friends. As we settled down on the couch, I noticed Alice responding to my husband's stares by smiling at him. Soon the men were drinking champagne and the women had gin. We drank for almost an hour. We all soon shifted out to the lawns. I noticed Ved, Rajan's son with some of his friends dancing on the dance floor. By about 11:00 p.m. many people had left. Now maybe the number was around 20. I stood alone in a corner. Rajan approached me and asked me for a dance. I looked around for my husband. He was nowhere to be seen.

"Don't think about your hubby. He is doing some serious business"

Saying so he led me to the dance floor, which had three other couples dancing to a soft romantic track. Immediately he pulled me in his arms and put his right arm on my waist. As we danced to the soft music, I was feeling really tired with the day's occurrences and I also was a little tipsy. So I rested my head on Rajan's chest and closed my eyes. As soon as I did this, Rajan pulled my body close to his. I felt his erection on my stomach while his hand went down to squeeze my ass.

"No please Mr. Saxena, I am really very tired....people must be watching" I said.

But he continued his caressing of my ass cheeks. I started to feel a little giddy. This was surprising, as I only had taken a gin and couple of champagnes. I felt a strong suspicion that something was mixed in my drinks as I felt a pulse hitting me in the head. I felt really weak in the legs. I felt like I would fall.

"Hold me around my neck Shailee", said Rajan, taking my hands from around his waist and placing on his shoulders.

I tightened my grip around his neck to stop from falling. Seeing me in this state, he made his move. He caught hold of my sari pallu from behind and slowly pulled it off my shoulders. I could hear whistles and claps as my backless and low-neck sleeveless blouse was exposed. I opened my eyes with some difficulty and looked around. To my shock, we were the only ones on the dance floor. Everybody else was standing in a circle around the floor. I could still not find my husband. As I was looking around, Rajan grabbed my long open hair and smooched me roughly. His tongue probed my mouth and his hand squeezed my boobs. I heard more whistles and catcalls. But what followed was really outrageous. Rajan put his hand into my waist, undid the knot of my petticoat and loosened it fully. Within a second, my sari and petticoat were around my silver high heels. I was standing in the arms of a stranger and between about 15 men and women in only my black short-sleeved and backless blouse without any bra underneath and a skimpy red bikini panty with the silver shoes.

"Hey Rajan, we cant see the bitch's ass. Could you move her hair or should I help?", said a voice.

This was followed by laughter all around. As Rajan moved aside my hair, I heard catcalls and comments like,

"Look at that ass, I'll lose all my money for that butt, take off that panty and show us the globes".

Rajan laughed and replied, "have some patience guys, the bitch is totally stoned and under our control. It's only 11:20, the night is young."

Saying so he patted my ass and wiggled my ass cheeks. I heard a man say

"Look at the flesh in her butt, my wife doesn't have that much on her chest."

Then Rajan caught hold of my open hair and placed them on his shoulders exposing my backside fully to the ogling crowd. Imagine the sight they must have got with my body in only a two-string blouse and a bikini panty. He then grabbed my face and smooched me again.

Then came a voice, "enough of this nonsense Rajan, lets get down to business."

So Rajan grabbed me by my waist and moved me to near the pool, to be followed by the eager crowd.

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