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A Reservation for Bliss, Party of 2.


She turned back to Barbara, her eyes empty and glazed. "You will wait here. You must obey."

Barbara's whole body tensed involuntarily as she heard the delicious word spoken aloud. "Yes," she replied, "I will obey."

A few moments later, the lift door behind the reception desk slid open and two men emerged. Barbara recognised them, Ian and Peter, co-workers that she had known for years. The two men marched towards her mechanically, arms by their sides, faces blank and expressionless. They were dressed alike; matching dark trousers and dark turtleneck sweaters with a large Z logo on their chests. Purpose glowed behind their eyes. The two men stood in front of her.

ian looked directly into Barbara's eyes. He spoke clearly, "You will obey our commands. You will follow us." He paused, gauging her response. "Obey."

Barbara shook as the words licked against her clit. "I will obey," she replied.

Escorted by her two guards, Barbara entered the lift and was whisked to the third floor. Emerging into an empty, featureless corridor, Barbara was taken into a small room nearby. The small room was dominated by a large padded leather chair that was located in the centre of the tiled room. A large screen faced the chair.

Barbara stood still. Her mind was empty, thoughtless. Barbara knew that all she must do was obey. Obey. Barbara loved to obey.

ian turned towards her again.

"Remove your clothing," he commanded.

"Yes," she answered before slipping out of the grey trouser suit, purple blouse and matching white lacy underwear she had chosen this morning. She undressed calmly. Not a shred of doubt or self-consciousness existed in her. Barbara had been given a command. Barbara would obey. That was what she lived for.

Naked, she faced the two impassive men again. Her discarded clothes lay bundled at her feet.

"You will sit on the chair. Place your arms on the rests and your feet in the stirrups," Ian ordered again. "Obey."

"I will obey," Barbara repeated before clambering on to the chair. The leather was cold against her bare flesh. As ordered, Barbara placed her feet in the stirrups which spread her legs wide, baring her sex completely. Ian set about securing the straps around her, binding her tightly to the chair.

Barbara waited placidly. She just had to wait. She would submit. They would command her.

She felt a needle pierce her arm as her former colleague attached the IV drip. This made no impression on the very compliant woman that sat placidly in the chair. Barbara's mind had been switched off, not a thought passed through it. She registered something cold and metal being lowered down on to her head. It pressed snugly against her forehead, tightened securely. Headphones, thick and black covered her ears.

Barbara felt Ian press contact pads on to her temples before moving down to attach more to her breasts and her newly shaved snatch. Barbara took all this is quite calmly. It was as if she had no opinion on this violation of her body. She was obedient. Barbara couldn't think. She needed a command to think.

She saw peter in front of her, holding a long, silver vibrator in his hands. Slowly, the empty minded slave sank to his knees, out of sight, buried between her legs.

Barbara gasped automatically as she felt the slickly lubricated dildo being pressed deep inside her dripping cunt. Barbara's body was telling her brain that she really liked this new development. The muscles of her vagina clamped down hard on the delicious intruder buried within.

"Stimulation unit installed," she heard peter announce. muffled through the heavy headphones that covered her ears.

"Acknowledged," came ian's reply from somewhere behind her, "activating conditioning sequence level 4."

The lights dimmed. Barbara 's awareness of the room evaporated immediately. The seductive whispers in her ears and the dazzling display that filled the screen consumed her completely. Slowly, steadily the vibrator began to hum in time with the programming being instilled into her mind by her deity, her Goddess.

Without a word, both of th

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