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After talking to Katie on the phone the fun continues.

The pain renewed the fight in Dinah and she again began to struggle; Ian gripped her neck hard once again.

"Plllleeeaaaseeee, Ian. Please stop! You're hurting me!!" She cried piteously as he sawed his fingers carefully in and out of her asshole, feeling her body grip his fingers and squeeze rhythmically.

"I haven't begun to hurt you yet, my dear. Wait until I sink my cock into your ass. But by then you will be begging me to fuck you. You're already beginning to hump back on my hand just a little bit ..."

She hadn't noticed it until just then, but she was swaying a bit. Ian once again relaxed his grip on Dinah's neck and moved his other hand to her pussy, finding her clit which was now engorged and standing at attention.

"AAAaaaahhhh, yessss. Look at the little soldier! Your clit wants to be touched. Shall I?" His condescending remarks had a very definite effect on Dinah: her body was twitching even before he touched her.

"GGGGggggmmmmmmm..." Dinah gurgled into the mattress as Ian continued to finger fuck her ass and began his assault on her clit. His intentions were to bring her to the brink several times before he pushed his cock into her and gave her a cum enema.

After the third near-orgasm, Dinah was panting, her body shone with a sheen of sweat. She felt Ian's body weight move from the bed and she rose, trying to get a glimpse of what he was doing.

"I would keep my head down if I were you, little girl. Otherwise I shall tie it down."

She heard the distinct rustle of cotton clothing that had been starched to perfection. Even though he only wore scrubs, Ian was meticulous about how they were ironed and creased just so. She always thought that ironic considering that he spent a good deal of his day out of them.

She felt the bed shift again, and the familiar heat of Ian's body as it drew near to her. He leaned over her: "Your asshole is open to me now .." he said, plunging his fingers back into her, "and it is ready for my cock. You need the juice in my balls. You need to cum. We are going to satisfy both needs. You have not ever cum before until you cum with a cock up your ass .."

And with that, Ian fisted his huge cock just below the head and lubricated it well. He then turned the cold lube against Dinah's ass, a move that made her gasp at the contrast of hot to cold.

"Here we go, baby ... push your asshole out against me ..." Ian began to force that large tube of muscle into her pucker. He watched as she strained to push against him, strained to relax her sphincter enough to allow him to enter.

"Go ahead and scream, Di ... no one here cares. They know when they hear that sound that a newly-pregnant resident is getting assfucked for the first time. We should have an audience not long after I force my cock head into your ass for the very first time. Now scream for me, baby ... scream loud! Call them all to us ..."

One large lunge and Ian's cockhead breached her sphincter, and it clamped tight behind with horrific spasms.


Dinah's screams could be heard well into the next building. Many of the resident 'breeders' without partners came to the window of Dinah's breeding cell to watch her first anal fuck. Ian held onto Dinah's hips as she tried in vain to dislodge the large flesh log that had been shoved up her ass.

Ian leaned over her, hissing into her ear: "Yesssss, that's it. It feels good when you try to force me from your ass. It massages my cock so nicely! Put on a good show for the other guys, Dinah. They all want you anyway. Look at them - they're jacking off and watching you take me. Let's give you a little more of my cock, shall we?"

Ian flexed his hips forward and another three inches buried into her asshole.


"You'll be screaming another tune in a few minutes ..."

Ian began to push and pull at his cock, each time burying a bit more into her ass until with each long stroke, his b

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