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With mounting trepidation I lifted my hand and tried to place it where Francine had placed hers and moved it back the way she had, and my eyes flew wide at the result. In tightening the side where her hand was, she effectively loosened the other side so that it gaped slightly, and everything was revealed! the whole of my breast and the whole of my nipple, god, no wonder Jeremy was grinning and staring! another huge shudder ran through me, and with a sense of shock I realized I wasn't angry over what had happened, I was incredibly excited, Jeremy had been staring at my naked breast and had obviously loved it! I chuckled suddenly, reminded of my brother's rather crude comment, well someone else obviously though I had 'fantastic tits' too!

My reverie was suddenly interrupted by a cry from down the hall, and I was immediately brought back to an awareness of why I was really there. I hurried down the corridor and found Jamie sitting up in bed crying, so took him in my arms and rocked him gently. Two hours and many soothing stories later and Jamie was finally fast asleep once again and I walked slowly back to the spare room feeling very tired. I eased myself out of the special dress, allowing myself just a brief moment of sadness at the thought that I might not get to wear it again for a long time, then slipped back into my original clothes and walked into the lounge to put on the TV and fetch myself a drink and some munchies. Settling down into the cushions on the couch and flicking from channel to channel trying to find something worth watching, but tiredness soon took over and I feel asleep, the TV still softly murmuring in the back ground.

It only seemed I'd been asleep for a moment, when the door seemed to burst open and a rather loudly laughing and crooning Jeremy almost fell through, only prevented from doing so by the steadying arm of Francine. I jumped up from the couch, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and I guess looking a little startled, "It's okay," said Francine, "Jeremy's had one or two too many as usual and made a fool of himself, can you help me with him?"

I hurried over and grabbed Jeremy's other arm and was surprised by how little he was able to move on his own as Francine and I walked him across the room and down the corridor to their bedroom, where he flopped straight onto the bed. "It's ok now" said Francine, "I can handle it from here, perhaps you could make me a hot drink, I think I need one"

I walked back to the lounge, then into the kitchen and prepared a nice hot coffee. Hoping that was what she had in mind. She arrived just as I was pouring the hot water. "Mmm that sure smells good, and boy, do I need it!" she said.

I happened to glance at the clock and was surprised to see it was barely after midnight, and she caught my glance, "Oh yes, I know we're back early, that damn husband of mine still doesn't know how to hold his drinks, and once he gets to that singing stage I just have to get him away before he wrecks any chance we have to impress in the fashion industry, oh, how was Jamie, not too much of a bother I hope?"

I told her about his waking and crying and how long it took me to get him back to sleep, and she grinned wryly, "Guess we've both had an evening we could have done without" she said, " What we need is something to brighten us both up - and she grinned - why don't you go and put on that fabulous dress again, you know you like parading in it, and I could show you how a model really shows the dress off to perfection, and we'll soon forget the problems of the evening"

I only hesitated a moment, the thought of wearing the dress, of being taught how to be a model, was just too overwhelming, so with a nervous laugh I danced off to the spare room and put the dress on once again.

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