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While my wife sleeps a stranger gives me handjobs.

Whoever he was, he was gentle as he licked up and down around her labia. She knew she was dripping wet now. As he expertly licked her he came upon her clitoris.

"Ohhhh," she moaned followed by whimpers as she unexpectedly squeezed her mouth tighter around the banana and began running her tongue over it in her mouth. Her breathing was deeper and her heart pounding. Her nipples were rock hard in the mouths of strangers and she couldn't take it anymore. She didn't want it to stop.

She then felt the man between her legs get the cherry out with his tongue and then go back to work on her clit. The orgasm was the most intense she had ever felt as it rippled through her entire body and she finally released the sound of ecstasy she was feeling.

Then it broke off! The banana! It fell and she heard it hit the table. "Oh shit!" she thought as she quickly ate the piece in her mouth.

"What the fuck!" came the man's voice. "I told you not to bite my cock! Untie her feet and pull her forward. I want her head to lean off the edge of the table." Everybody stopped touching her at once and she felt her body being pulled up about a foot so that her head hung off the edge. Her hands were unbound and then placed by her sides and then retied to the table base. "Because you have been good I'm not going to choke the shit out of you just yet. But you are going to suck my cock bitch! If you bite me that will be the last thing you do in this life. Now open your mouth!"

Katie opened her mouth and held it. "Clean her up." she heard him say. She then heard his zipper. He pulled her hair down roughly to lower her head more and stuffed his flaccid cock into her mouth. As he stood behind her she felt her body being wiped down with damp cloths.

"What do I do?" Her mind was racing. "Am I supposed to suck this idiot, or just hold it and wait?" Katie loved sucking Jason's cock and she usually sucked him a few times a week, sometimes as foreplay to sex, and sometimes just to say hello when he came home from work. In fact, her love for sucking cock began quite early in life when she was 14 and her 16 year old boyfriend from down the street pulled it out in front of her one day in his bedroom. It was the first time she had seen him naked before, or any boy for that matter, and was stunned when he asked her if she would suck him off. Katie had heard of blowjobs from older girls at school, but wasn't quite sure what it was.

Apprehensive about it at first, he showed her how to relax her throat and take more of him in her mouth each time she pumped her head up and down his cock. He also taught her how to lick the head and shaft and his balls. Katie loved it, especially the effect it had on him. He praised her it seemed with every lick and suck and she aimed to please him. When he came in her mouth she pulled back immediately not knowing what was happening and he finished unloading all over her face and shirt.

That was a long time ago, but her love for a man's cum started there. Even though she didn't understand it that first time, she loved the sweet taste in her mouth and how his cock was throbbing in her mouth with his first spurts. She also loved the smell. It was so intoxicating!

"Suck it bitch!" Abruptly brought back to the present and nervous about what they were going to do to her next, she began gently sucking on his cock, running her tongue around the head. He stiffened quickly and began to slowly fuck her mouth as she sucked on him. A couple other people starting sucking on her nipples again and she could feel a tongue between her legs and several other hands and tongues along her legs and feet.

Her nerves started to subside as she again enjoyed the feeling of being touched everywhere.

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