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Bored? Maybe this is the answer to a stale marriage.

She smiled softly as her fingers slipped under the lacy material and tugged it to one side, finally unleashing her huge black dick. It looked even more amazing from here, even bigger and thicker than I remembered from the previous evening. I watched with a sudden envy as Audrey's fingers ran lightly down her shaft.

"Do you mind if we switch Dave?" she asked softly

"What do you mean?" I replied hoarsely.

"Give me the camera honey; I want to photograph you as you pull my thong off"

I didn't hesitate for a second, and handed the camera up to her. While she prepared, I ran my hands over her muscular legs. The contrast in the feel of her skin and the texture of the stockings she wore felt wonderful. Once she had the camera ready, my hands moved up to her crotch and brushed against her fat cock before I began to ease the flimsy knickers down her legs. Once they were off, I couldn't help myself, and began to softly kiss my way up her legs. I started by sucking on her toes, and gradually crept upwards, with light kisses fluttering against her skin. Audrey didn't say anything, but the smile I saw beneath the camera drove me on. I quickly reached the top of her stockings, and ran my tongue around the seam before licking my way up the inside of her thighs. Before I knew it, I was kneeling over her crotch; the bulbous head of her black dick was inches away from my mouth, and looked so enticing. I could hear the shutter continue to click as I wrapped my hand around her shaft and began stroking slowly.

"Before last night, have you ever touched another cock?" she whispered.

I shook my head, my eyes fixed on her bulbous bellend as I stroked

"Had you thought about it honey?"

I nodded slowly

"Tell me"

I cleared my throat as I kept stroking, keeping a slow pace, my fingers softly wrapped around her.

"I've looked at shemale porn on the internet. It was such a turn-on, so taboo. I wondered what it would be like to be with a girl like that, with big suckable tits and an equally big dick."

"And what do you think so far?" she breathed

I finally looked up at her, a smile on my face

"I'm loving it so far"

Audrey smiled back at me before raising the camera to her face again. As she did, I went back to concentrating on her massive black dick. I ran my fingers over every inch of it, marvelling at the satin feel of her bellend and the throbbing power I felt in her thick shaft. I wrapped my fingers around her again, and continued my light stroking as my other hand crept down to squeeze her heavy balls. It felt perfect, and Audrey's occasional sighs behind the camera spurred me on. I didn't care that I was being photographed pleasuring a big black cock; all I cared about was pleasuring her.

As I caressed her enormous cock, I noticed a small bead of precum forming on her slit, and remembering the taste from last night, lowered my head eagerly. My tongue flicked out over her bellend, and got the tiniest smear on my tongue. It was as salty and delicious as I remembered, and my strokes intensified, speeding up to force some more of the delicious liquid out. Before long, I was swirling my tongue around her bellend, savouring the taste of my lover as more precum leaked from her slit. Audrey's moans were louder and more intense; I looked up and saw her taking photos with one hand while the other pinched her stiff nipples, pulling them softly as she breathed heavily. I'd never pleased anyone like this. It felt so right to be licking her cock, and when I pushed my lips down to engulf her bellend, it felt even better. My tongue still played against her bulbous head as I sucked softly, still jacking her off in the hope of more precum. I heard a clunk, and looked up to see Audrey placing the camera on the bedside table before reaching down to stroke my hair.

"God lover. You look so good with my dick in your mouth. I wanted to keep taking photos, but I want to enjoy this without any distractions even more."

I smiled around her dick, and went back

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