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He wants her enough to just take her.

Smart eh? Then, I'm going to time jump to England, 1930, and impersonate Wallis Simpson and woo the Prince of Wales a year early and make a fortune."

The Doctor listened with horror as he puffed proudly on his cigar.

"Listen to me, Captain, and listen well. If you do not desist in these hair brained scams I will have no alternative but to report your actions to the Time Agency. They will not take kindly to your ridiculous plans."

She fanned herself frantically in order to evade the blue smoke from the thick cigar. Jack thought hard, he had no intentions of rubbing the Agency the wrong way.

"You may be a woman now but you're still the same old Doctor. Very well, I agree. Until the next time."

Jack bowed deeply and retreated from the room, tail between his legs. When Chopin returned he looked around in vain for his new friend.

"Did George leave?"

"Yes, something came up."

"No matter, I found her face most unappealing. And louche manners to boot. Come Mademoiselle Doctor, my patron Madame Latrice has kindly loaned me a modest apartment and I would dearly wish for you to be the first to see my latest Nocturne. It is not quite finished yet."

He gave her his boyish smile and the Time Lord felt a guilty flirtatiousness come over her.

"It would be a rare honour, Monsieur."

Chopin led the way upstairs away from the giggling girls and they entered a charming room on the corner of the first floor. The humble furniture and curtains were of a light blue fabric, and a single bed was up against the far wall.

"Please be seated, can I offer you any refreshment?"

"Thank you, no."

The Doctor sat primly in her long dress as the composer busied himself with reams of music papers. He smiled and sat beside her on the two seat couch, knee to knee.

"Sometimes it's better to get an opinion from an older person."

Older! If he only knew she was nearly two thousand years his senior! There was no doubt the man had an overwhelming sexual air about him as they got cosy on the seat. And he was undeniably warm hearted as he showed her his new composition proudly. Chopin's soft words in her ear and closeness lit a fire in her loins and the Doctor rose from the seat in a fluster.

"Don't leave, I find your presence most stimulating. You are uncommon handsome, dear Doctor."

Chopin came behind her as she stood and his gentle massaging of her upper arms caused the Doctor to press her backside into him. Ever bolder the young man moved his hands inward to cup her bosom and hers came up to clamp his firmly against her. He planted a kiss on her left collarbone, lingering for several seconds as the Time Lord yearned for him to continue.

"Kiss me hard."

She spun around, wrapped her arms around his neck and clamped her hungry mouth on his. As they kissed long and hard his hands ran down her back, not stopping until they settled on her rump through her dress. The Doctor felt herself tremble slightly as their tender lips slid against each others. Her fingers ran through his shoulder length hair as she allowed the tip of his tongue to enter her parted lips.

"You taste of strawberries," he murmured as they each took a breath.

As they kissed again Chopin delved into the back of her dress and pushed in to make contact with that heavenly gap between her upper thighs. The Doctor hummed on his mouth as they embraced, and gradually they drifted to the bed. Under the soft light of the candles on the night stand Chopin shed his jacket and shirt to reveal a boyish chest that was free of hair. The Doctor reached behind her back and unfastened her dress which fell heavily to the carpet. She kicked off her shoes and then let her hair down as she laid on her back.

"You are exceedingly beautiful." Chopin dropped his trousers and joined laid beside her.

It took a moment to absorb the situation, she was being seduced by the famous composer, Frederic Chopin! The female Time Lord widened her legs and exposed her rounded plump pussy, the

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