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A BDSM story.

But it didn't seem to be, and something in the back of Kristanna's mind just switched off her empathy now, all she saw was a head moving, swallowing her cock. All she felt was a warm and wet throat hugging her dick so tightly.

Aisha grabbed Kristanna's toned thighs and sank her nails on them trying to endure such brutal skull fucking. She would grunt and gag with the cock on her throat struggling to breathe, there was nothing else she could do, her head was being completely used by her redhead partner that seemed to be in a trance, just thrusting her hips back and forward and grunting. Kristanna's ball sack was so big and swollen it hanged low and swung with her movements hitting against Aisha's chin and chest every time the cock went deep in her throat. Kristanna's ass cheeks flexed when she thrusted, providing power to her thrusts, her legs were slightly apart to give her balance. She fucked Aisha's throat like there was no tomorrow, craving for the orgasm that was slowly approaching.

For minutes Aisha just did her best to endure that situation. She caressed Kristanna's legs, grabbed her huge ass with both hands and realized how big it was, her body was a true miracle. But the hispanic girl was getting despaired, Kristanna just didn't seem like she would cum soon and she was almost fainting as the cock blocked her breathing tubes. The sticky foam clogged her nose, forming bubbles when she tried to breathe. Her eyes were red as tears rolled down her face. For Aisha's sake Kristanna let out a louder moan and spasmed as she shoved her cock all the way down the girl's esophagus, cumming violently. Shoving Aisha's head against her crotch Kristanna leaned forward slightly as her abdomen spasmed out of control.

The redhead shot her load inside Aisha's throat vigorously. She heard a powerful squirt of cunt juices splash against the wooden floor behind her in wide streams the went in multiple directions. Meanwhile, her gallons of cum pumped Aisha's belly full. The bedroom floor behind the redhead was literally being washed with her fluids, Kristanna rolled her eyes and moaned in ecstasy holding Aisha's face on her crotch. The goo-like substance went up the girl's throat and began to ooze out through her nose and the edges of her mouth. Aisha tried to struggle out of that situation but could not overpower Kristanna's grip. After about a minute of continuous orgasm, Kristanna pulled her cock out of Aisha's throat stumbling back, panting and moaning.

The hispanic girl coughed some of the cum out, almost puking as she struggled to breathe and clear her clogged breathing tubes. Holding her neck in a gesture of despair from someone choking she kept coughing cum out, almost regretting having started all of this. Kristanna was trembling with anxiety, but had a smile on her face. She tossed her head back, looking at the ceiling while she enjoyed the afterglow and shivered every few seconds. Aisha could feel her cunt wet under her panties as she sat on the bed. Despite the abuse she suffered she was somehow enjoying this, the cum tasted simply delicious. As she began to breathe normally again she started to just lick all of the cum on her face and swallow all she could moaning as she tasted the precious cream. Her belly churned, clearly swollen as the cum filled her stomach.

Before Aisha noticed, Kristanna pushed her body back towards the bed, imposing her taller frame over the hispanic girl. Looking in Aisha's eyes she smiled wickedly admiring her messy face. "Aisha... I... I think I am not done yet." She said with a some uncertainty, but her actions didn't bear the same hesitation of her words.

Aisha just shivered wondering what had come over her friend, the redhead was a different person, aggressive and violent.

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