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"Yes Ms. Holly. Ahm.. sorry Ms. Holly but you could you give me a hint as to what my testing will involve."

Jamie smiled, "be patient supplicant. I promise you it will be nothing you can't handle."

Jamie got into the shower and allowed herself to feel the butterflies of concern in her stomach. This testing was less about Kim and more about the Testers attempting something new in order to help another supplicant. This morning Jamie had attended the dorm's Tester meeting. The ten Testers discussed their new initiates and the progress they were making. All had passed the first hurdles but one was causing concern. Her Tester had asked for any and all help the other Testers could provide. The Tester, Megan, was the most experienced of them all but her supplicant, Joan, was proving difficult to help.

Word had been sent down from the Inner Council that the priority of all the Testers was to ensure Joan's success in her application. The Council had made it clear that the presence of a bona fides genius within the sisterhood was an opportunity not to be missed. They also deemed Joan to be a diamond in the rough and expected the Testers to find that diamond. Jamie knew her own advancement might be tied up with Kim but all the Testers of this dorm would suffer in some way if such an extraordinary directive from the Inner Council were failed.

Megan described Joan's progress to date. She had shown extreme shyness when asked to strip and masturbate. She had managed to do both over the last three days but appeared to take no real enjoyment or enthusiasm in the experience. Megan described the untrimmed bush, hairy pits and legs and painful looking hunching of the shoulders. It appeared to Megan that Joan was aware of being tall and thus shied away from notice and was not aware of being a sexual woman. Megan was almost in tears as she described the frustration she felt. Joan just refuses to believe herself to be anything but an ugly geek.

Jamie had cleared her throat to indicate that she had a suggestion. She asked Megan to bring Joan to her room this evening so as to test both of their supplicants together. Hopefully a relationship could be fostered between Kim and Joan. Kim had Joan's inexperience but had none of her blind spots. Maybe Kim's enthusiasm and confidence would be infectious. The other Testers had silently nodded their assents. Megan had smiled in gratitude at Jamie. The two of them had spent a few moments discussing the details and then returned to their studies with rueful smiles and crossed fingers.

Jamie finished her shower and got dressed in a pair of loose jeans and t-shirt. She returned bare-footed to the main room and glanced quickly at Kim to ensure she hadn't begun without permission. She sat on her bed and faced Kim. There was a knock on the door, which then opened quickly. Kim saw a plain looking brunette walk in, followed closely by Joan. Her tall, stooping frame still several inches taller than the brunette. The surprise at their entry had momentarily made Kim forget her nakedness and lewd pose. Her legs spread and her fingers absent-mindedly circling her fully erect nipples. She gasped and made to dive under her bed covers. Jamie snapped her fingers and pointed angrily to where Kim had been sitting. Kim reluctantly returned but kept her legs closed and her hands firmly clamped over her breasts.

"Hi Megan," Jamie said, "Joan can sit beside Kim on the other bed."

Megan pointed at Kim's bed before she took a chair for herself. Joan sat beside Kim being careful to avoid any and all eye contact.

"Kim this is Megan and the initiate beside you is Joan. Joan, my name is Jamie and the girl beside you is Kim."

Joan and Kim made muttered acknowledgements at the introductions, both distinctly uncomfortable with the present situation.

Jamie continued to talk, "Joan you may remove your clothes now please.

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