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Love expressed through submission.

Silvio pulls out his hard cock and is playing with himself now as he watches us.

Whenever the Deuce and I haven't been with each other in over six days, I always know he will fuck me first. He can never wait to feel my hole with his cock. There is never any question. Never any thought that my pussy will be licked first.

He pulls me down from the counter and turns my bod away from him and places my hands on the counter. He spreads my legs wide. He then pulls out that hot hard penis of his and he rams it in me quickly and forcefully from behind.

I cum instantly. I always do if I haven't been fucked in over six days.

"Hey baby," he whispers, "you feel so fucking good, Isabella. I better pull out. I am liking this way too much, girl".

Deuce loves fucking my mouth while his cock still tastes so strongly of my own cum juices. He tells me how he loves watching me do it cause it's so fucking slutty.

He then manhandles me in place, arranging my body so that it is lying out horizontally on the countertop. He straddles my chest just below my tits.

He is swaying that engorged member of his back and forth in front of my face. A drop of pre-cum falls on my lips. "Open up nice and wide, sweet Isabella," he tells me and he feeds me his cock.

"Hey, Silvio man, come over here and suck her off. Let's see if we can get her any hotter."

Now this doesn't sound too bad to me at all cause Silvio has a pierced tongue. That always makes so much more oomph for nice long licks on my clit.

The Deuce tells me to spread my legs for Silvio. My legs are hanging over the sides of the counter now and Silvio's mouth heads straight for my open slit. He is licking, stroking, poking, and sucking me. It feels so amazing. My hips start bucking.

I try to scream out in orgasmic pleasure but Deuce's cock is stifling my cries. It makes me feel so deliciously slutty. I love being their naughty Jersey girl.

The Deuce shoots his wad into my mouth. He pats my hair and tells me what a good little slut I've been to swallow it all and not to miss a drop.

He asks me to do Silvio now too. I suck off Silvio and he cums quickly - I'd say in about 3 minutes or so. I swallow his semen too.

The Deuce is licking my cunt now and finger-fucking me again. He knows how I love it and he knows I will climax soon.

I always cum quickly for him once he starts sucking my clit. "Oh yes, Deuce baby. Oh yes, my darlin' . Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck." And I cum.

"Hey, baby", says Deuce, "let's split so we can get some serious fucking time in."

I put my clothes back on, lock away the cash, grab my jacket and we are outta there, man. It's still raining like hell. But we don't care.

We're laughin' and huggin' and rappin' as we walk north on the Boardwalk in this nasty night. We're walking arm in arm and we're getting wet, well soaked really, and then we walk some more.

Just then, way out in the distance at the other end of the Boardwalk, we see something coming towards us. He's big - fucking huge. It's a black dude wearing a white suit.

"Hey, Deuce", I say, "Am I crazy or is that man carrying a saxophone?"

Deuce tells me that any cat as big as that, dressed in white, carrying a saxophone and walking like there's no rain is not to be messed with. So, the three of us try to run. We dive into a doorway and cower.

The footsteps get closer and closer until he is standing in front of us.

The Deuce, Silvio, and I are getting really scared now, man. Deuce throws down his money.

But the big cat - he just stands there. All he does is put out his hand towards Deuce and when they touch I swear I see sparks.

Then again, you have to remember, I am pretty buzzed so maybe not.

The four of us hit it off right away. So he tells us his name and we all introduce ourselves and start laughing and stuff. This is a really cool cat, man.

The four of us are in this doorway now with the rain pouring down and all.

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