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Her body was still tingling from the young man's delightful unexpected assault. "We've made love just about everywhere it's possible to make love," she thought as she dropped the sweater on his bed, slipped out of her skirt and laid that on the bed, too, then kicked off her shoes. "And we've done it in just about every position there is, too."

She hadn't bothered putting on any underwear when she got dressed that morning. Ever since her affair with Matt had begun she found herself becoming more and more coquettish and loved every minute of it. She never wanted to stop feeling this way!

Matt stood in his bedroom doorway, watching Mary disrobe, enjoying every minute of it. When she entered the bathroom, he quickly shed his clothes and went to join her.

"I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful you are," he commented. He was standing, nude, at the open shower door, looking at her full, perfect body, which glistened with jewel-like droplets of water from the shower.

Mary felt herself blushing. "Come here," she said and held her arms out to him. Matt moved into her embrace, his body coming against her warm, wet one, and their lips met. They stayed like that for a while; locked in an embrace, their tongues lashing, warm water beating down on them.

The kiss ended and the two lovers soaped each other's bodies thoroughly, enjoying the sensations their moving hands spread along with the rich lather. Each thought they'd been sated by the frantic joining in the darkroom, but they discovered their actions in the shower were exciting them all over again.

Mary turned to put the soap in its niche in the wall and felt Matt move against her from behind.

"He's hard again!" she thought, thrilled as his erection slid between her lush, lovely buttocks, brushing the tiny pucker of her anus.

"Oh!" Mary trilled, "Matt, that feels so good!"

Matt grabbed his erect penis and slid it up and down the cleft between his partner's luscious cheeks. His action made Mary's legs quiver and sent jolts of delight racing through her curvaceous form once more.

"Do you like that?" he asked.

"Yes!" Mary hissed in reply. "Oh, yes, darling!"

Matt cupped one of her pendulous breasts and began rolling the nipple back and forth with his thumb. His erotic assault was having the desired effect on Mary.

Matt began to thrust against her, and again the swollen purple head of his erection probed Mary's anal pucker. Without realizing what she was doing, Mary pressed back against him. She wanted him in her there! She wanted him in her ass!

"Push! Oh, God! Push! Matt! Matt, push! Put it in me! In my ass!" she cried and kept pushing back against him, feeling her tight sphincter stretch open as his erection slowly breached her virgin opening.

Matt's blood pounded in his ears as his throbbing shaft probed farther and farther into Mary's body through this new opening. He believed they'd shared all a man and woman could share, but he'd been wrong. Now his erection was going into her anus! Lubricated by the heavy lather he'd spread over her, his rigid member made slow, steady headway into his lover's unbelievably tight orifice.

Mary groaned, overwhelmed by the reality of what was happening to her. Her ass was being stretched and strained, the sensations coursing through her were a mixture of pleasure and pain. Slowly, ever so slowly, Matt's swollen penis moved deeper and deeper into her tight channel, thrilling her more and more each centimeter it advanced.

Matt grasped Mary's hips and kept up the steady pressure, continuing to push his erection inexorably into her quaking body. "So...tight," he groaned, "It feels too good!"

Then, gradually, his thighs moved against Mary's and he knew the pressure of her buttocks against his groin. He was all the way in her!

"Oh, God, Matt!" Mary's cry was a combined moan of ecstasy and pain. Never in her life had she experienced anything like what she was experiencing right now! "Oh, Matt!" she moaned.

Slowly, Matt began moving his hips.

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