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Ashlynn and the distinguished grey.


Karen sat at the breakfast table looking like her prim & proper self. Her hair and make-up were perfectly done, and she had on one of her more expensive pant suits in anticipation for an important meeting in just over an hour.

"Good morning sweetheart," she said with a loving smile as her son came down.

Tom smiled back and gave his mother a kiss on the forehead before sitting down to eat. "Morning mom! I must say, you look extra wonderful this morning. And thank you for making me this wonderful breakfast for me. Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite person in the world?"

"Well aren't you cheerful today," she skeptically noted. "I don't think you've ever thanked me for anything. Please don't tell me that you've been possessed."

"I can't being in a great mood. Especially after last night," he smiled before digging in to his food.

"Oh, of course. That. It was a pretty outrageous night, I'll admit. And we both certainly got what we wanted out of it, no matter how taboo it was."

"Does that mean you pleasured yourself afterwards?" he asked with a smile.

"I guess there's no point in denying it. Yes, I masturbated after you left, and it was great. I know it isn't something that a mother should ever do with her son, but it's our little secret right?"

"You bet it is. And speaking of which, can we do it again really quick? I couldn't stop thinking about you all night, or all morning after I woke up. I could really use the relief before I go to class."

"Didn't I say to not ask me about it again?" she asked in a peeved tone. "Besides, you looked like you released a healthy amount of sperm last night, so I refuse to believe that you need any type of 'relief' so soon."

Tom gave his mother a serious look. "Mom, the amount that I shot last night is what I consider to be normal. I usually cum that much once or twice a day if I have to. And after what we did last night, my body is practically on overdrive. I won't be able to concentrate at school today if I can't get off the way I need to."

"Well then just masturbate the way you normally do. It's not exactly rocket science."

"I know that, but you've really raised the bar after showing me your breasts. I've wanted to see that for a really long time. Simply using my imagination or looking at pictures just won't cut it for the time being."

She sighed and gave her son a playful smile. "Fine. You've made your case. I guess this is partly my fault for starting this whole thing. But make it quick since I have an important meeting to attend soon."

Karen stood up and placed her hands around the lining of her jacket, preparing to take it off. But just as she did that, she stopped.

"You know, it would take too much time for me to remove my entire top and put it back on afterwards. Plus I don't want to get any wrinkles on them. Do you mind if show you my lower region instead? Would that work for you?" she asked.

Tom's eyes lit up at his mother's counter-offer. "Hmm...That's not a bad idea. That would definitely work, sure."

Her hands moved down to the top button of her pants. She undid the button, pulled her zipper down, and let her pants fall to her ankles.

"Good," she said. "Then it should help you to finish faster. As I've said, I have an important business meeting this morning which I can't be late for."

Karen brought her fingers to the top of her panties and yanked them down, letting them fall to her ankles as well, exposing her cleanly shaven crotch along with her bare vagina.

"Like what you see?" she asked proudly.

"Oh god mom. I love it," he replied gushingly. "You look sexier than any of the college girls I've been seeing lately."

She smiled, "Thank you for the nice complement. Now start stroking. I'm a busy woman and I haven't got all day here."

Tom got the message and swiftly pulled his shorts down to free his raging hard cock.

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