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Chpt 11: Karen discovers she can nipple orgasm.

Her cunt, offered with so much love tastes like waxed paper to you. Like vanilla.

You want to be my slave, darling? Is this your place? Where you wish to be?

Then kneel for me, bitch.

In your mind. In that room inside you. That you are now in. While your girlfriend kisses you, while your wife's fingers travel up your spine. While your cock slowly enters her. While you are in her.

All this time.

All this time, I am in you. We are together in this room.

While you are fucking her. To hold onto what your life used to be. Feeling it slip away, drenched in her cunt juice.

Can you hear me enter? That deliberate clicking sound as I put one of my booted feet in front of the other? They are your heartbeat, my darlings. That's all you focus on. What you are afraid of. What you desire. While you are on your knees. Inside your mind. Waiting for me.

I'm coming for you. Unlocking that door. Look up. Look at who you let in.

Look at me, my darling cock whore. As I enter your mind.

Look at me. I am your future, and you are my past.

Raise up your head to worship.

I'm wearing them, of course. Because I want you to run your tongue across their tips. Open your mouth. Don't look up. These are the boots of the holy whore. This is your goddess and your god. This is me, for you. Your body still belongs to your wife, your girlfriend. But they are far away. In the same bed as you. But far away. Touches that barely reach you.

You are with me, bitch. Your mind is mine. And I'm going to fuck it.

Can you feel my claws caress your cheek? Is it me? Or is it your girlfriend?

Does it matter?

Can you feel how I lift up your chin? Force you to look at me? As your eyes wander up my thighs, white marble skin wrapped in shiny black.

I'm all dressed up for you. To show you what you will be. Look at them. The rubber stockings that flow up from the boots and up my thighs? Touch them. Can you feel how soft they are beneath your fingertips? Can you feel my blood rushing? That pulse in my thigh when you touched it?

You can hear your wife moaning, your girlfriend hissing. From far away. Don't listen.

Listen to me. I am in control of you.

Let your eyes wander up. Let your fingers follow. Up my tights. To my cock. It's hard for you. You did this. Aren't you proud? That it was you? That my clawed fingers are stroking it for you? Right in front of your face. So close. You want to taste it, don't you? You've been wondering since the beginning how I would taste. Let me run it over your lips. Yes. Just like that. Its tip sliding across your mouth. With you opening it. Begging for it. Wanting more. More than that one, clear drop the binds us together, through the air, a string between me and you, a chain of perfect pre-cum.

She can feel it, you know? Your wife. Your girlfriend. That you have changed.

That I'm inside you. That you are becoming me. Submitting to me.

Scratch you claws across her back. Hurt her. That is why I demanded you to grow out your nails. To do this. To hurt her good. Let me watch you hurt her just enough for her to open her eyes. To open her mouth to a groan of lustful pain. Look into her eyes. That's not vanilla you see. Your girlfriend, your wife. She has been waiting for you. Waiting for this. For you to become more than you were.

Taste her. Your mouth opening to her tongue, now no longer sweet and tender, but rough and demanding.

That's not vanilla you taste.

And now make her look into your eyes. Into the darkness that are your pupils, dilated and wide and now a window to your soul.

She can see me there. With you. In your mind. Seeing you on the floor, naked and shivering. Your ass raised high for me. How I taught you to present yourself. Your hands spreading your cheeks for me. As I slowly rub my cock up and down between them. Patiently. Hard. Even as your own cock is getting thicker, touching your wife all inside her cunt, she sees me. In your eyes. In your soul.

Behind you.

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