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Tiffany and a student begin Tiff's Plan.

Can't help but notice the sleek muscles in her arm, extending from under her short summer shirt as she runs the stick across the bars.

As she stares at me, I raise my middle finger and scratch my nose. We're inside, but there's now a bird in the cell. She arches a brow and unlocks the door, keys jangling efficiently in the lock.

She points to the floor. "Down here girlie. Now." I smile. It's fun looking down at her from my perch. It's all a game, I'll make bail shortly anyhow. During my hesitation, she takes a step further into the cell and drops her shades from the bridge of her nose and nestles them in her shirtfront.

It's impossible not to notice how tight that thing is, pulled taut across her ample chest. Am I staring? I don't know. I sure as hell am grinning though.

Next thing, she reaches up, takes me by the upper arm and yanks me off the bed. I almost fall, my hands cuffed behind my back aren't helping the balance situation. She's holding me pretty securely though, and she keeps me on my feet.

"Now that wasn't polite, girl" she says, like I'm a kid or something! To make matters worse, now that she's got me off the bed she's easily got almost a foot in height on me too.

"Pity it isn't illegal to be impolite!" I reply triumphantly, looking up at her. She's smiling back down at me with some pretty startling green eyes and there's an expression in them that sends chills through me.

"Pretty mouthy, aren't you" she observes, then pulls me around and starts leading me out of the cell. On the way down the hall I see the others, looking miserable in their cells. They definitely need a morale boost. "Down with war, fur, and other assorted things!" I cry.

There's an outburst of giggles and the officer dammed near cuts me dead with a look.

Then we're going down in an elevator, and into a windowless room containing just a desk and a couple of chairs. Jesus. Must be a slow crime day.

"Sit down" she orders, pushing me into a chair, then goes over to the closed circuit camera and pulls the leads out of the wall. Oh fuck.

She walks back over to me, smiling slowly, placing her hands on the table across from me, her smile taking on a predatory sort of manner.

"I always enjoy dealing with mouthy little girls" she says. I can't help but roll my eyes.. pahhleease... then CRAACKK, she slaps me clean across the face, eliciting a loud yelp.

"Time to learn some manners, girl"

Well now she's pissing me off. Who the hell does she think she is? What the hell is going on behind those bright green eyes?

"Fuck Off" I spit venomously, only earning another crack across my cheek, jerking my head over as she comes around behind me and pushes me across the desk, kicking the chair aside and yanking my jeans down easily because the bastards confiscated my belt too.

Next thing her hand is roughly slapping my ass, my pussy too, hard slaps that hurt like hell. Jeans around my knees prevent me from moving, fuck me this is so not good.

My jeans are sliding down now, yielding under her sturdy boot. She kicks them off then kicks my legs apart. Then her hand is cupping my pussy lightly, her chest against my back, her lips close to my ear.

"Learning your lesson, little girl?"

I growl and squirm furiously, pressing back against her hand, not that I meant to. Briefly I feel her fingers slide across my lips and she laughs, amused at something.

Fuck her, I don't want her.

She smacks my ass again, hard and fast, over and over again. It's stinging, it's burning, it's fucking hurting.

"You'll start being polite girl, or it's just going to hurt more."

Fucking stupid threats, then fingers, sliding, probing. I'm not wet but her fingers slide easily between my lips now, pressing against my entrance.

"Get off me!" I hear the desperation in my own voice, desperation and a little moan.

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