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Two BBWs give their trainer shelter and then some.

Any guy who wouldn't worship both of you is crazy. And you're better off without them. Lots of guys would kill to be with either of you."

Carmella's brown eyes locked on mine. A smile curling her lips like a lioness. "I'm not interested in lots of guys."

Teresa's hand slid over my leg passing over my stiff cock. "Me neither."

The air was gone from around the table. A silence filled with the buzz of sex. Carmella once again took charge. "I have got a great idea. My husband is out of town as usual. I have more room in that house than I know what to do with and I'm only ten minutes away. Stay over tonight and I'll take you back to the office for your rental car tomorrow and we'll see what's happening at the airport."

This time I locked eyes with Carmella, then turned to Teresa, sliding my hand over her leg. "That sounds perfect."

We piled into the SUV, Carmella insisting I ride up front with them. I sat between them as we slowly navigated the slick, now dark roads. I could smell two distinct wet pussies. Carmella's breathing was heavy, fogging the mirror despite the blowing heater. Both her hands gripped the wheel.

"You know what, Carm?"

"What's that, T?"

"I think we should take Eric back to your place and fuck his brains out."

"That's why you're my assistant, sweetie."

Carmella's house was not large but roomy and very modern. We pulled into the garage and as the door closed, Carmella put the SUV in park. She shut the key back and grabbed my face with both hands. Our tongues danced, she sucked my tongue as if thirty, getting recharged from it. Deep moans in her throat. Teresa had undone my pants and released my throbbing cock. She breathed out as she grabbed, stroking.

"Oh, wow" she whispered, leaning down to lick up its sides.

I grabbed the back of Carmella's head, pulling her closer into me, breaking the kiss. Kissing her neck, quick nibble of the ear. She moaned. My hips bucked as Teresa swallowed my cock, pulling back to suck the tip as she stroked. Her wet lips and tongue like paradise.

"OK. Stop. Stop. Let's get comfortable," Carmella said.

We boldly entered the house through the garage, my wet, hard cock jutting from my open pants. We hurried out of our wet shoes and coats. Carmella grabbed my shaft, leading me.

"Come on, big boy. Let's have some fun."

She led me to the white/neutral living room, setting me back on the white leather sectional sofa. Both of the women commenced to strip while I watched, jacking my cock. This was going to be good.

Carmella's breasts were beyond exquisite. Round and hanging beautifully with long brown nipples that got my saliva flowing. They set perfectly over her puff of belly. A strip of trimmed hair above the shaven lips of her pussy. She set those powerful legs apart, rubbing her pussy with the same lioness expression, watching me stroke my cock. She took a nectared finger, placing it in my mouth, as she turned my head to watch Teresa.

Teresa's breasts had wide, flat saucer nipples, light pink, taking almost the whole diameter of her breasts. Her smile melted me, looking like a sweet little girl who found the puppy she always wanted. Unzipping her jeans she turned around to show me the delicious, wide bubble ass. She gave a spank to her left cheek, making it jiggle. Her profile peeked over her shoulder as she did it. She then spread her cheeks, showing me her pretty, pink asshole. It looked like a little knot of bubble gum above her shaved , glistening pussy. I took note of this, knowing what to do.

Carmella layed me back. "I am going to feast on this beautiful cock." She went to work with her mouth and hands. She was magical, drooling over it, slurping the way I love it while she jacked me, tongue swirling over the tip. She would suck the whole length, then work the tip. My ass cheeks clenched as I fought to keep control.

"Come and sit over my face, Teresa. I've got to taste you."

Luckily, Teresa's pussy occupied my concentration and I didn't come - yet.

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