Girlfriend's best friend comes to visit during summer.

He could hear them laughing from within the restroom and he slapped himself in the face a couple of times as his half-mast boner pulsed with the anticipation of what dreams may come.

He refilled water glasses and Champagne flutes. He also went to the kitchen sink and did a quick soap-check on any body part that might soon be exposed to these unleashed tigresses not so different from the ones they'd adored earlier that day at the zoo. So much foreshadowing and yet it was hard to figure out exactly who was stalking who.

Soon the girls had returned. It was clear that they'd both given themselves a bathroom mirror refresher as well as they looked a little perked up and re-adjusted. They looked fucking incredible.

They sat together now on the same couch across from Ryland-Shay in her matching, white lingerie set with cute little bows and Sadie with her breasts on full display wearing only her spankable-blue booty shorts. She didn't care. Both Ryland and Shay had seen her naked plenty of times before...also she was on ecstasy so mostly she just found everything to be quite magical.

The girls sat cross-legged next to each other as they prepared for more gameplay.

It was Ryland's turn. He sat up on his knees so that he could lean into the Jenga board and select the next piece. It was somewhat hard to concentrate with the girls sitting so close to each other across the table. Shay had her hand on Sadie's knee and she was absent-mindedly running her fingers up and down the smooth skin of his girlfriend's leg the way she might've done when the two were in high school together during a sleepover.

Ryland bumped into the table a little as he his eyes strayed to the girls bodies. He had to keep his shit together now. There was so much on the line. This was a sexual performance emergency and he needed to summon his greatest reserves of cool, calm, and collected.

He quickly found a lower brick and with no difficulty pushed it out as it clattered onto the table.

He looked back and forth between the two girls as he stroked his chin while deciding on his victim.

"Shay," he said finally. Sadie smiled as she did a little celebratory wiggle at not having to do any truth or dares.

"Yes my dear Ryland," She cutely responded.

Shay leaned forward a little and crossed her arms in her as her boobs lifted towards him invitingly. She gave Ryland a wicked raise of the eyebrow as she did this. He could tell she was rolling pretty hard now. She looked hungry for something daring. He could see the dark tan of her nipples slightly through the fabric of her bra. She was so ridiculously hot.

"Shay, I dare you to turn and give Sadie a long, sensual kiss...the type of kiss you might give her if you were trying to...let's say...seduce her," Ryland had just set a very important wheel in motion and he knew it. Both girls were deliriously happy from their drug intake as they turned to face each other. There was zero hesitation-rather, a palpable excitement tiptoed over the soft hairs on their bodies like reeds of grass on an African savannah arching upwards towards rare raindrops. You could just tell how excited they were to feel each other's soft lips again. It was so sexy to witness their willing playfulness.

Sadie sat up and turned towards her friend as they faced each other Indian style on the center cushion of the couch. She smiled as she looked at her. Shay giggled back. They were both in a boundless mood. The ecstasy had them spinning into a pleasure-driven chaos.

Then Shay leaned over and put her hand on Sadie's cheek.

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