A wonderful way to spend a Friday evening with a tgirl.

I would win one then she would...we talked and drank while we played. She was getting more flirty as the evening went on...gentle caresses...brushing her sexy body against mine when we trade spots at the pool table.

Things went on like this for quite a while. The bartender making the rounds...settling up with the two guys in the corner and they left. So it was just me and 4 of the most beautiful women. I have seen in a very long time. My lovely Latina...her name was Diana, told me the bar tender was her sister and that she had placed the ad hoping to draw some customers. I chuckled and told her: "well it worked for me...not sure if that's good or bad.." She quickly closed the distance between us and whispered in my ear: "I think it is very good" and then groped my ass and kissed my neck.

I heard the main door close and turned to see the bartender lock the bolt and smile at me. The other two ladies started toward the table as well and I turned my back on Diana for just a second to take in the rest of the situation. I wasn't sure what was about to happen bit I realized it involed me and from the door being locked...we were not going to be interrupted. I felt Diana press against me then pushed me over the table. The other two girls grabbed my arms and held me there. Diana quickly unbundled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and had them and my underwear at my ankles before I could protest.

She smacked my ass and giggled. Then she liked my ass...her tongue worked into my hole as she skillfully reached between my legs and played with my cock and balls. I began to relax. She moaned a little as I did and her tongue went deeper.

She then lubed her fingers and started working them into me. I was very tight at first but she knew what she was doing and in a matter of moments she had me opening up like a $12 whore. She pulled her fingers out of me and I moaned a little. She knew I was really enjoying her working my prostate. If my throbbing hard on and slutty moaning didn't give it away the streamers of precum dripping from me cock certainly were a clue.

She laughed at my situation. There I was pants around my ankles moaning like a total butt slut for a woman I knew nothing of other than her name and what she told me earlier that evening. Then I felt her come close to me again...all I could do was say: "Oh Fuck!" I felt her cock press against my well lubed and loosened ass. It slid right in. I was totally surprised by this...and I instinctively pressed back against her taking her full length into me.

She smacked me ass and told me I was a good slut and was going to be the fuck toy for all the ladies in the bar. She fucked my ass and I felt her cock growing...throbbing...I knew she was about to cum. I felt her stiffen and press deeper into me. Her friends were still holding my arms but I was offering no resistance. I felt her hot cum shoot inside of me...she was fucking me bareback.

Diana asked if I was going to behave and I told her I would obey. She said good slut and her friends released my arms. The black girl said she was next. i remained bent over the pool table ready to receive her. I thought I was going to die when she lifter her short skirt revealing her cock. She was huge. She added a little lube and began easing her cock into me. It slid in very easily because Diana had already stretched me out quite a bit and her cum was also acting as lube. She stopped when she just had her massive head inside my ass and asked if I knew her name. I didn't so she told me her name was Miss Tammy and I was to refer to her as that at all times.

She asked if I was ready to be her bitch I replied: "Yes Miss Tammy, please make me your bitch." She chuckled a little and said she liked that and gently slid into me. She fucked me so gently I was amazed at how good it felt to be so full of cock.

I rock in rhythm with her.

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