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Tanya finds herself engulfed in passion at her local gym.

"More, you whores!" He was yelling at them. "Don't fucking stop. Don't just fucking...!"

The women were each holding horsewhips they flipped the leather ends over his butts before he could mutter more words. He groaned loudly in pain at them then and nodded, obviously seeking more unbridled pleasure.

As the women's whips came for his naked flesh again, Tanya couldn't help reaching down for her own naked ass with her fingers. She glared at the man's dangling cock and balls between his thighs, fascinated by the way they clenched and jolted excitedly each time the women whipped him.

At some point, one of the women threw her whip to the floor and approached him aggressively. She latched her palm onto his face, earning a weird loud grin from him. Afterward, she held up his head and placed it between her legs, getting him to suck on her dripping cunt.

"I am your whore, aren't I?" She chuckled, obviously making a jest of him. "Now, clean all that cum off your whore's pussy." She said. "Make me wetter than I already am, you cunt."

Tanya couldn't believe any man would want to be treated as this man was. Instead of gasping in shock though, her body reacted boldly, forcing her to touch pull down her pants and focus on the growing itch between her thighs.

She reached for her cunt with her index finger shamelessly. By the time she thrust in deep, holding back a gratifying moan, she could see that the other woman joined the first and they were already taking turns to twirl their wet cunts over the man's trembling lips. At some point, the first woman turned and buried the man's face in between her ass, getting him to fuck her butthole with his tongue.

Each one of them was insane and Tanya felt she was part of their sinful adventure already. She felt her legs shuddering gratifyingly as she fingered herself raucously, adding another finger to fill her pussy hole.

Beneath her, the scene was getting more tense and aggressive as the man had suddenly closed his teeth over the clit of one of the women. Angry at him, both women had hit his face at the same time, scratching and cursing at him until his body lunged to the floor, exhausted.

They wouldn't let go of him. Tanya gasped with pleasure as they reached for his hardening fat cock instantly and squeezed remorselessly, getting more groans to slip off his lips. The first woman spat on his white cock while her partner jerked and squeezed until she finally guided the shaft deep into her throat with a beaming smile.

"Oh my God!"

It was the man. Tanya had assumed that he was too spent to respond to the tortures from them but he suddenly seemed to have more strength inside of him. He jerked endlessly, failingly trying to free his hands and legs as the second woman sucked and nibbled.

"Stay still." The first woman yelled, focusing on his balls.

She bit on each one and pulled with her teeth while the other woman began to choke on the man's cock, getting it to slip deeper into her throat with foam bubbling with each stroke.

Tanya couldn't look anymore. She closed her eyes and let go of the control she had desperately been holding on to. She dipped two fingers into her own cunt and thrust rapidly. She lost her breath a couple of times as electrifying jolts coursed through her spine. She needed to see more, she needed to get closer.

Still having her fingers deep in her cunt, she crawled forward hurriedly, looking for more peepholes...for more secret sex rooms in the building.

She was some feet away from the previous room when she found another opening in the roof. This time around, it was a tiny hole, probably drilled into the roof by a nail during the renovation. She didn't bother to figure how it hadn't been repaired over the years. Instead, she laid flat on her chest, getting her breasts to plaster against the slab.

In the room, a man in loosened shorts was hurriedly reaching for a woman who briskly positioned her well-molded ass in front of him.

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